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    Neal Cooper Guest


    Hello...I just arrived in the UK from South Africa and am in DESPARATE need to go fishing. If there is anyone out there looking for a fishing buddy or is willing to transfer some skills to a new UK fisherman I will be very thankful. I have fished (rock and surf) for my province back home and know my way around a rod but would like to learn the UK way. I live in Cobham in Surrey.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Hi Neal. Firstly, welcome to England.
    Although 'fishing is fishing' so to speak, you'll find that there is a difference between SA and the England (styles, attitudes, species etc etc). I don't live in your area, hope you do find someone though who will get together with you. It might be a good idea to borrow some books from the library (free in the UK)or buy some fishing magazines. They will introduce you to UK fishing. And of course, keep checking out web sites like FISHINGmagic.
    I've fished in SA a couple of times, bass fishing in the Eastern Transvaal (oops, sorry, Mpumalanga !!). Really enjoyed it !!!
    Dankie !!!

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    Neal Cooper Guest


    Hi Stewart
    Thanks for the reply. I have bought a couple of magazines but nothing beats a hands on lesson. I'm thinking of joining a local club to pick up the tricks of the local trade. I want to talk to a person that can tell me exactly what to buy. I'm sure I'll find a helping hand somewhere.


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