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    Dave Feeney Guest


    Can anyone tell me if you can still fish, on a day ticket, the River Eden at Carlisle.I'm interested in dace and chub.Also local tackle shop, many thanks

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Dave, I can't give you any direct advice but this website can. Click on "local shops" up above and search "Carlisle" there are five tackle shops listed there all with phone nos.

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    Dave Feeney Guest


    Thanks John, I did like you suggested, got 7 to try, will give them a ring in the new year. Thanks again for the prompt reply.
    The dace fishing use to be second to none, but I'm going back a few years, well before cormorants headed in land.

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    sam oddy Guest


    Hi Dave. The Eden is predominantly a game river in and around Carlisle and true coarse angling tactics are only allowed in the salmon close season between October 15 and Jan 14.

    Both chub and dace are nowhere near as plentiful as in days gone by although grayling show well and grow to specimen size. I would recommend that you give Pete Wilson a bell at Geoff Wilson's in Carlisle,he sells tickets and has caught some cracking chub over the years.

    Regards, Sam

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