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    Andrew Webber Guest


    haha, very good John

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Is Salisbury worth joining anymore?

    I'm not sure if any of my local clubs bother with exchange books for Salisbury now.

    I remember the old winter leagues by the sports grounds on the Avon where you could catch some very nice roach bags, with several fish being good 'uns.
    The last time I fished it (about 1988/9) about 90% of the anglers dry netted.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Best way to enjoy decent hot food is to make to much casserole when the family have it for a meal then freeze it. Remove it from the freezer the night before the trip, next morning heat it up pop it into a flask and enjoy on the banks......better than all those pot noodles!!
    Another decent easy meal is to heat those frankfurter type sausages in water, put them steaming hot into a flask and serve with rolls and mustard on the bank.

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    Cakey Guest


    Ive a food flask which has a seperate cup type thingy,
    So I take curry and rice,rice goes in the seperate cup until ready to eat.
    For the curry I go for tescos own brand chicken or beef,nothing better on a cold day and only takes a min to get ready.
    the only thing I have found with any flask is to heat it first with boiling water for five mins

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    Andrew Webber Guest


    I don't know if salisbury is any good anymore, it never was great. I'd join because I live in salisbury and dont have a car. I fished the avon a few days ago on a day ticket, it looked grat but only managed a 7 pound pike.

    Theres a stretch of the avon down stream which the LAA have the rights to, I'll definately join that one, good roach, chub and bream. There ha to be some pike down there too.

    Where are you from Mr Carp Angler?

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    Carp Angler Guest



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    Andrew Webber Guest


    hmmm... I have no idea where that is.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Straight down the A36 from Salisbury for about 12 miles and just the other side of Ower.

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    john conway Guest


    Bacon butties, biscuits and coffee.

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    Daniel Whitelock Guest


    pot noodles are alrite, a bit, different flavours if you like to call them that give you a wide choice. i take cuppa soups too with cheese rolls to dip in.

    oh yeah and hobnobs to dunk in tea.

    cheers Dan

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