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    John Pleasance Guest


    I had nice warm chicken and bacon pasties for lunch today.They survived for three hours before I ate them.
    I'd be interested to know what sort of food flasks people use cos mine is quite old and I can't really say it's that effective,I have used it for stews and I've also taken sausages in baked beans but it only keeps them hot for a couple of hours.
    Is that cold bacon butties John or do you cook them on the bank ?

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    john conway Guest


    They’re cold Bacon Butties, I don’t mind. Better still our lass has shown me how to make fantastic BLT’s and I don’t mind them cold either.

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    Cakey Guest


    my flask is a thermos and stays hot for about 5hrs if prepared properly, like I said earlier put boiling hot water in the flask and put the top on while heating food,the other thing that helps is make sure flask is full.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Yes,I do that already Cakey, I think my food flask must be ****,have to look around for a better one.
    John ,I'll leave the cold bacon sarnies to you ,mine have to be hot, preferably with mushrooms and melted cheese and lots of fresh ground black pepper.I got to go I'm feeling hungry now!!

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    Andrew Webber Guest


    Whats all this talk of food flasks?

    I'd not heard of them until they appeared in this thread.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Like a normal flask, just with a wide mouth
    (like Sedge)

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    Paul Kendall Guest


    Last nights chilli and rice mixed together and dollopped in the flask with cheese sarnies to dip in it ..........

    Keeps you nice and warm and has the added benefit of keeping the barbel police away !!!

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    John Pleasance Guest


    I should think that taken regularly that would keep anyone away! ! !

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    Cakey Guest


    you can use a food flask the other way round in the summer and keep things cold !!!

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