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  1. Default The local tackle shop.

    As the title would suggest this is going to be about local tackle shops, so basically do you support yours??. I admit i buy most my rods and etc on-line and use the tackle shop for bait and small things like hooks and swivels, i have friends that travel to the next town over to go to tackle shop there as the prices are better.

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by luremanmike View Post
    As the title would suggest this is going to be about local tackle shops, so basically do you support yours??. I admit i buy most my rods and etc on-line and use the tackle shop for bait and small things like hooks and swivels, i have friends that travel to the next town over to go to tackle shop there as the prices are better.
    Yes I do support mine, a small affair and expensive in comparison to online tackle sites but am happy to put some business their way for the advice on local waters and they also sell all the day/season/club tickets.

    Apart from my maggots and worms, I always pick up a feeder/packet of hooks or two/groundbait/pellets, amazing how quickly you can build up a collection without noticing the cost.

    The Pirate.
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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    I use a number of local tackle shops. I help a mate out in his on occasion. I find it interesting when people travel up to 17 miles to the shop for a pint of maggots and moan about their previous local shops closing down and the hassle it has caused them.

    They then spout on about the new rod/bedchair etc that they bought online from a tackle shop based in a region with no overheads that enables them to sell cheaply...go figure.

    Are people expecting 'bait shops' now?

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    I'm pretty much the same. I buy bait, hooks, floats and small bits and pieces there and try to support it as much as I can. I really value the ability to buy fresh bait locally and would hate to lose it. Two tackle shops around here have closed down recently in Eynsham and Farringdon and if it weren't for my local shop I'd have to go right into Oxford to buy maggots.

    However I just can't afford to buy the big stuff such as rods and reels etc there when I can get the same thing for much less by comparing various internet sites.

    I also have to say I find it a little bit intimidating. One of the big advantages over the internet should be the ability to have a look at things like rod holdalls and seat boxes etc and unzip pockets and try things for weight and portability etc. If I could do that, I'd be more inclined to buy big stuff down there.

    Normally I just don't feel like that's an option though, under the withering gaze of the manager and the two or three people who always seem to be hanging around the counter chatting. There's a bit of an atmosphere of 'you touch it - you buy it'. Understandable in some ways I suppose - they don't want their stuff getting worn and dirty.

    Better are these huge 'Go Outdoors' type places where you can finger the goods, wind the reels and stick your nose into the luggage without anyone bothering you.

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    you have to factor in the refund factor , is it worth saving 15 quid if it takes a month to send something back ?

    I pay a little big extra for some larger items , I aint rich , in order to support my local shop.

    Look him in the eye when you buy your maggots having just spent 500 quid online - that helps

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    Fair point Maceo, that is something that occurs and is probably intensified by the shop owners need and eagerness for you to buy it plus his/her experience of people coming in to get a visual on the items before buying cheaper online.
    A vicious circle if you like, perhaps the trouble with many hobbyists opening a shop as opposed to pragmatic business people.

    Certainly these tackle shops that has regulars are intimidating, however, often, the shop owner knows this but doesnt feel they can do anything about it.

    you explain it to the 'regulars' who take exception and never come to the shop again
    you keep schtum and hope you convey an eagerness to please new comers enough without upsetting the regulars

    I have noticed that a lot of shopkeepers respond well to confident customers who openly state what they are interested in etc on entrance to the store.

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    I support three tackle shops around North London having recently returned to angling. Knowing my situation the locals were equally as helpful as the staff about places to fish, bait etc. and remarkably friendly. I've bought stuff online too and once you factor in postage, I don't see a massive difference. Mind you I'm not buying top of the range equipment.

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    I drive the 16 miles to my 'local' shop, passing 2 others on the way, and remembering my Rangey does just 3 miles to the pound.

    I rarely buy on-line unless it is someting that Dave Moody cannot supply from his shop at Witherington Farm Lakes. Usually I will ask Dave to order in if not in the shop. I prefer to get my maggot and caster from his shop too as the quality is always reliable.

    I far prefer the friendly chat with one of the best anglers in the region, there is a decent cafe there too so after a bit of 'retail therapy' its a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie for me before I drive home.

    The alternative is the faceless shopping of the Internet, waiting for Postage and in my case as I'm not home during the week then having to drive to the Post Office to collect whatever I have bought.

    For my fly fishing requirements I use the Orvis shop in Stockbridge which is also about 15 miles from my home, and usually combine the trip with lunch at one of the pub's or restaurants in the village, and a sneaky look at the Test as well.

    Give me the personal service, the friendly chat and a cuppa every time.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Default re: The local tackle shop.

    My local shop - Dave Parkes Tackle of Rotherham, is closing down in December, just before Christmas.

    Old Dave has had enough, he is 75 and wants to retire. No-one wants to take on the shop, which has been there for almost 40 years! So in future when I want maggots, casters and other stuff I will have to drive 10 miles or so, instead of a 5 minute free busride.

    Such a shame.

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    Remember that many of the online retailers are actually local tackle shops. They do have overheads, but they have invested in their business to move with the times and ensure they keep profitable via additional online sales.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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