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    Default linear fisheries

    Hi just wondering if any one fishes linear fisheries for anything other than carp? it used to be a great mixed fishery especially smiths pool

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    Richworth Linear Fisheries

    There's still big bream, tench, roach, rudd and pike in various Linear waters. Just not that many folks fishing for them.

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    i have had some great mutliple catch pike sessions on most of linears waters

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    Quote Originally Posted by agamemnon View Post
    i have had some great mutliple catch pike sessions on most of linears waters
    Was that deadbaiting Agamemnon?

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    I had one session down there after silvers but blanked almost completely.

    Probably got a lot to do with my ham-fisted tangling splashy incompetence as much as the water though.

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    deadbaiting with sardine has given me the best sessions at linear

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    Smiths/hardwick is a fantastic tench fishery sid but I didn't notice/experience too much activity from species other than tench/carp when I was fishing the place.
    In several sessions the only 'nuisance' species I caught were one roach/rudd Hybrid and a couple of smallish bream (plus the inevitable carp) which is surprising since I was using casters.

    I was actually going to join a club which has a couple of venues down the road from linear (newlands ac) but didn't bother because there were silver fish everywhere and I didn't fancy wasting my casters on them. I was told that the club had stocked these fish. Though I don't know the truth about this, if this rumour is accurate then its a criminal waste of a very good tench water! It might suit your requirements though sid.

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    I fished at Linear a great deal from 1995 to 1997. I took out a season ticket on Smiths and caught chub to 6lbs 3oz, tench to 7lbs roach to 2lbs 4oz, rudd to 2lbs 12oz and bream to 81/2 lbs. It was a great mixed fishery and I fished there a lot with Peter Stone and Barry Horwood.

    I also fished at Manor lake for the huge tench and had them to 83/4 lbs. I once saw a tench that looked every bit of 15 lbs. It was massive.

    And then the carp anglers had weedkiller put it that stuffed the tench fishing.

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    Hi Thanks for all the replies,

    Ron, I remember you being down there around that time and a couple of others including Peter Stone. I watched him one day catch about 80 lb of chub to 6lb roach and rudd to 2.5lb from there. I had chub to 5lb12oz and roach and rudd over 2lb to fairly basic tactics. It was great. I was Tench fishing next to Peter Stone on manor one day and we saw a large tench cruise by and he said "thats a double and I know what a double looks like". Brilliant

    Newlands was worth a go a few years ago I saw bream to 12lb8oz and tench over 10 come out of there.

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