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Thread: CatchFishing

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    Michael Hall Guest


    Hi everyone
    I have just upload my new site which is called Catchfishing I would be gratful if you would check it out and even send me stuff that you would like on it to

    The site address is:

    Thanks I hope you all have a look and tell me what you think on this forum! thanks

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    John Sayce Guest


    looks good tried chat room but no one in there will visit site again when more people know about it hope it works for u good luck

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    James Bradshaw Guest


    Hi Michael - I had a look at your site - it's got potential! I especially like the idea of a chat-room; that's the one thing THIS site lacks... May I suggest, though, that you put a thread in every forum on here, to make more people aware of your site? (Lol - maybe you have - this was the first forum I visited tonight!)
    Anyway, I've added your site to my ''favourites'' list - I'll keep a close eye on it... Good luck!

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    No James, please don't encourage anyone to hijack the threads with blatant ads for websites or anything else. The occasional mention is fine, but there is a free links section for websites and a free classifieds section for other sales, wants, etc, without cluttering up the forum.

    As for a chatroom, if the majority wanted one then it would be possible, but I don't think they do, otherwise there would have been far more requests for one before now (I think this is the first). I can't see the point when the forums are so instant anyway.

    But please, if anyone else thinks there is a need for one, let me know.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    I think a chat room on fishing majic would be good,i feel it could work well along side the forum,its great to get an instant response,whilst the forum gives you time to hopfully put together a valid question and reply.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Graham,well put,I agree with you entirely,if the lads want a chat there are plenty of other services available .

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    We'll let this thread ride for a while and see what the response is.

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    John McLaren Guest


    I am more than happy with the forum facility.

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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    I don't think a chatroom is necessary as the replies in the forum are usually prompt enough, also chatrooms seem to attract people who have no intrest in the particular subject and are intent on causing mischief, whereas a forum seems to attract people with a genuine intrest.

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    I agree Stephen it would end up full of perverts LOL who no nothing about fishing

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