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Thread: Where in France

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    WE're taking a two week trip on the Loire next May, staying near Saumur. Does anyone have any recommendations for good course fishing venues?

    Many thanks

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    The Loire, a lovely big river with some real biggies of all species in it (for example, I saw a 20-plus zander taken on a "leurre souple", the 'rubber fish' that were taking France by storm in the early 1980s and which we've only got round to using over the past decade ... cor, did they once catch me some mahseer...).

    Try visiting the Favri Peche tackle shop in Angers, about thirty miles from Saumur - when I was there to see its owner thirty years ago I was staggered by the sheer Gallic enthusiasm for all things fishy, impressed by the skill of the anglers, the owner's customers, I was taken out one misty winter's morning to watch.

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    I have no idea about the fishing, but if you are visiting the Loire vally then make time for the vineyards and winetasting - it is amongst the very best.

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    Definitely. The tackleshop owner I visited all those years ago owned a vineyard that had been in his family for generations. Not only a very keen angler but also a Rugby Union fanatic. Lots to talk about.

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