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    Default Falling in again

    Have you ever fallen in or had to dive in after a rod or umbrella? I have quite a few times over the years.

    I remember falling in when I was a small lad after standing on top of an undercut bank on the Thames which collapsed with my weight; because I had not learnt how to swim someone had to dive in and get me onto dry land.

    I spent the next few hours with my clothes hanging on the fence to dry while I sat next to my dad with a see-through plastic mac over me, and turned red with embarrassment when a boat load of sightseers all laughed and pointed at me from a boat.

    I also remember falling in after a friend took a picture of me with a flash gun holding a nice Tench.
    The flash was so bright that when I stepped forward to return the fish to the water my foot missed the bank and I went flying headfirst into the water and lost my weighing sling in the process.

    Another time when I was surface fishing for Carp on a local estate lake I had to strip off and swim after my favourite rod which had been pulled in by a Carp when I momentarily put it on the floor to look for something in my bag.
    Luckily the rod butt was floating so I could see it heading towards a large lilly bed out in the middle of the lake.

    I thought that I was the only person on the lake that evening but there was a guy there with his wife watching me play the small 7lb Carp while standing in the middle of the shallow estate lake, and watch me climb out without any clothes on.

    One of my mates told me about when he was fishing a small stream and there was a herd of cows in the field behind him.
    One of the cows had started to nose around at his fishing tackle and he heard a voice from the other bank shout "just give her a knock on the nose! that should get rid of her!" so my mate did, but it had no effect, as the cow just looked my mate in the eye and carried on nudging his tackle.
    "No!, give her a proper whack on his nose" came the voice from across the stream; so my mate clenched his fist and gave the cow an almighty whack on its nose wherebye the cow just head butted my mate and his tackle into the stream, soaking him, and the voice from across the stream shouted "RUN!!" as he saw a figure scurrying away.
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    Default Re: Falling in again

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith M View Post
    Have you ever fallen in or had to dive in after a rod or umbrella?


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    Default Re: Falling in again

    No, only had the obligatory water over the wellie/thigh wader once or twice during floodwater conditions.
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
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    Default Re: Falling in again

    A couple of winters ago whilst lure fishing on the Hants Avon, I walked across what I thought was reeds flattened on the banks to return a pike of about 5 or 6 lb. Unfortunately the reeds were flattened over water and I went straight down.
    The water was so hellishly cold I lainched myself back out in one movement but was soaked up to the waste.

    Never did get to return the pike, I must have released it as my hands instinctlively reached out for the bank. Felt a right fool!

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    Default Re: Falling in again

    I remember when I was a small boy and I fell in to the river near our place. I somehow managed to scramble my way to the bank, you can bet my parents had me taught to swim soon after that!!

    Thanks for the advise Rolf!!


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    Default Re: Falling in again

    Been in more times than I care to remember.Everything from the "a step too far" to the full reverse 2 and a half tucked. Of all the rivers I've fished I've only NOT fallen in the Trent & the Itchen.Not been in for a couple of years so I'm about due.

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    Default Re: Falling in again

    Not so much falling in but being dragged in.

    Many years ago, when no one much cared about transferring fish, we were up on the Tweed getting set to 'take away' - 'liberate' a good days catch of roach and dace.
    Anyway one hapless soul decided to fill one of the large milk churns we used to transport the fish back to Durham by himself; leaning down to fill the said churn he didn't realise just how fast it would fill, and how heavy it would be. He soon found out as and he quickly followed the fast sinking churn. Finding yourself in 12ft of brown almost freezing water (ice flows already building up by the bridge footings) in the middle of January is not the best place be, especially being almost 100 miles from home and having to travel back in the back a milk van, un heated.

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    Default Re: Falling in again

    i got a bit wet on saturday fishing my local river blythe-twice infact...i thought id cross over the river to get past a fence with my wellies on as it looked shallow enough -made it the first time...just, but on the way back accross i couldnt find the shallow bit i`d used before and ended up with a bit going over the top of my wellies ...i needent of worried though as 15 mins later i was upto my thighs! ...i hooked a chub from high up a bank so i went down to a low bit of bank while trying to play the fish and hold my landing net under my arm next thing i just drop straight down as the bank turns into fresh air! i managed to land the chub of about 3.5lb to stop a blank so it was worth it though.
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    Default Re: Falling in again

    I got knocked in the river itchen by a mental cow... Snapped my rod in the procrsd

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    Default Re: Falling in again


    Just a suggestion don't take up sea fishing from cliffs.
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