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Thread: Intuition

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    After a day at a local stillwater a couple of friends and I were discussing bite indication and got onto the subject of getting in tune with the venue and predicting a bite. You know...that feeling you get, it can be after hours or minutes on a venue when you get that calm wave wash over you and you turn your attention to a particular rod seconds before you see an indication, your hand is already hovering over the rod before the float dips or the buzzer beeps. What are your experiencies of this phenominon, do you think you can explain it. Is it a sixth sense we develop or something we unlock while relaxing on the bank?

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    I know what you mean, sometimes it can be pretty spooky. I have sometimes struck into a fish and afterwards not really remembered seeing or feeling the bite. It's probably soemthing to do with experience, knowledge of waters, times of day when when expectation is higher I guess.

    But it also works the other way round. Many times I have spent several biteless hours concentrating on the tip or float, then turned around to get something or other and the rod has been nearly pulled in while my back is turned.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Yeah Dave,
    I've had that happen as well... turn to make a coffee or worse still the cup is balancing on the knee and as you pour in the milk the tip goes round and the cup empties over the legs.

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    Michael Hall Guest


    Last year I remember when fishing the feeder I had a wierd feeling that something was there and it wasn't registoring and after three minutes I struck into it, there was no bite indication and sure enough there as a 7lb common on it! Also like rodney the next cast I had I was pouring a cupp of tea and from the corner of my eye I saw the reel spinning and line being striped from the reel I struck it and my rod kept on bending and it got away might of been my biggest but I`ll never find out!

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    Michael Hall Guest


    It cant be experience Ive been fishing since the age of 8 up till now (i`m 15), not enough time for me however some of you guys then should be World champs!!

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    Steve Burke Guest


    One example of this I recall vividly was when fishing for perch with my old mate Nigel Witham. The conditions couldn't have been worse - a cold, sunny December day. We knew we had little chance until dusk, but then you can't catch sitting indoors!

    Suddenly, I came out of my daydream. The hairs on the back of my neck started tickling. "Nigel," I said, "I'm about to get a run". Nigel's curt reply was something along the lines of, "Don't talk rubbish, there's absolutely no chance for ages, get back to your dreamworld!"

    No sooner than he'd finished when the buzzer went!

    But it wasn't mine, it was his! Nigel's bait was just a few feet from mine, and the jammy git had done it again! The perch turned out to be our first 3 pounder.

    This happened 20 years ago and was the first of several such experiences. I don't get them very often and I usually have to work for my fish the same as everyone else. Of course, it could have been down to accumulated experience; it could just have been that I subconsciously noticed a slight change in conditions.

    I do occasionally however get hunches. I get drawn to a particular part of the swim, especially when I've been at a water for a while and perhaps got "in tune" with it. Or I may get a hunch to fish a particular venue, even when "logic" tells me that this is all wrong. Unfortunately it doesn't happen at all often. Once again it may be down to experience. But I've learnt from experience never to ignore these hunches!

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    Article about this thread here:

    <a href=>'Sixth Sense - Or Common Sense?'</A>

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    If things are slack I usually say it's time for a cuppa. I don't have any special 'awareness' it's just sod's law that when I pour a cup of tea my chances of catching seem to go up. However, strangely it doesn't occur when I need to answer the call of nature.


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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Just read the article and as usual it was excellent, however I hadn't seen it before and the thing I find curious, even in your own words along with all the posts in this thread so far people describe feeling or sensing a change or predicting an occurrence which would indicate a subconscious or sensory change. This is something that in my opinion is not learned but is developed, but not intentionally or consciously it just happens because at that time when we access it, it's because at that particular moment in time it is necessary, but only in short bursts and can't be forced or it can be like trying to remember a dream?you know?? it's there just out of reach you can almost see it and no matter how hard you try to reach out for it there's an uncloseable gap between consciousness and dream state, but when you relax and let your mind drift off or think about something else, BANG it's there in vivid colour and Dolby stereo surround sound. I don't think that common sense is part of it, as you say this phenomenon can mean we turn our back on rolling fish and head for the other bank, common sense would tell you cast to the rolling fish or under the over hanging tree, something else says "No, just wait and we'll see"

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    Couldn't have put it better myself Rodney.

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