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    James Bradshaw Guest


    In another thread posted recently, the topic swung round towards the possibility of a chat room here in FM Forum.

    As a regular frequenter of chat rooms over the past few years, I'm aware of the advantages and drawbacks of this facility - what do you, the regular visitors, think of this idea?

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    Mike Parker Guest


    NO chatrooms! At the risk of upsetting someone (or perhaps lots) chatrooms are for sad o's with annoraks and dufflebags. There are chatrooms all over the place, so if you want to chat use one of them!
    I am all for change/continual improvement but I love Fishingmagic just the way it is.

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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    Sorry I don't see the need as the forums are prompt enough, and are a useful store of information, a chatroom for special one off's might be a good idea, but why change the daily way we use this site I think it's perfect the way it is.

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    Alan Fawcett Guest


    you could always set one up on paltalk.

    Its just like using the phone, all you need is a microphone & speakers.(if you haven't got a mic its not a major problem cos you can still use text)

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    Alan Fawcett Guest


    oooo before i forget

    This "saddo" has made a lot of friends all over the world along with invitations to go & stay in their homesto sample the local fishing.

    I've also recieved presents from people & believe me half the stuff i've been sent is years ahead of anything we've got over here (my local tackle dealer hasn't even heard of spinner baits).

    The funniest part is when i send them stuff they think its new & advanced but we've had it for years & would class it as outdated (i sent a set of big S's to an austrailian & he was shocked that they looked so realistic & can't wait for them to be released down there!!!)

    If you look at it in a different light these forums are nothing but a chat room really are they?

    (oh & i don't wear anoracks or use duffle bags just ask that little squirt Rik)

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    Cakey Guest


    Me and my mates chat throgh msn messenger whilst surfing around fm.
    we often have 4 or 5 way chats going.
    could be good now and then.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Being a miserable old git quite happy with my own company I have never felt the need to use a chatroom so don't really feel qualified to comment but I do quite like this site as it is, especially when you see the bitching that passes for threads on some sites.
    On the other hand I think an occasional special guest would be a good idea.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    I really don't see the need for a chat room on a site with this forum. Its far easier for me to post a question or just a comment, and come back later in the day to see what reply's I've got... Rather than sitting in a room waiting for someone to come in with the answers...

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    Michael Hall Guest


    Like cakey said why not use the msn messanger that way you can see who's online and so on. If anyone wants to add me feel free.

    my email is or

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    I'd rather not have a chatroom, even if there was one I wouldn't use it.
    I seem to remember that some of the FM list members went down this road about 18 months ago but I don't think it was successful.

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