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    Given the amount of flooding on some of our major rivers and the relatively long period those rivers have been in spate, surely it must have a detrimental affect on this years fry. I know the mature fish generally survive such conditions its part and parcel of a rivers life but the fact that this has occured shortly after their birth I would have thought most of this years hatch will perish!

    What do you think?

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    EC Guest


    As you say, it's just part of the life cycle of a river Graham. We had a superb summer last year when fry survival rates might well have been much much higher.

    However, it's not all doom and gloom, the lack of fry this year may well have a positive impact in the long run in that last years fry and next years fry will have less competition.

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    I saw loads of fry in teh flooded margins of the Don last week. This second time round there have been loads less. I've seen fish topping 30 yards from where the river banks normally is! I'd like to think that many of the fry will make it.

    Another interesting question is what happens to the 130,00 or so fish they stocked in the winter and where will the fish be that live in lakes near the local rivers. Hayfield and Hallcroft, for instance, could have lost a lot of stock.

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    Graham Marsden (ACA) Guest


    Graham could be right. When I fished the Trent last week some of the floods on the roads close to the river had fry in them. They were already cut off from the river and I saw a couple of crows stabbing away at one almost dry puddle.

    But like Eddie says, it's swings and roundabouts with nature.

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    Graham Marsden (ACA) Guest


    Dunno about fry, but there could be plenty of mature fish lost as well. See this pic.

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    It better be quick or Matt will be after it!

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    That'll be the perch the little kid took home for tea.

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    There's a venue record to be had there!

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