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    Graham Marsden (ACA) Guest


    Please post questions here you would like to ask the Environment Agency.

    Please keep them short and to the point.

    Background to this thread

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    What can, and will be done about illegal fishing.

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    What can, and will be done about fish thefts.

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    Oct 2005


    I'd like to know way it is that I have received no reponse from the EA at local, regional and even national level. I've asked if they couldn't use part-time volunteers to help with patrolling/enforcement, two key issues that keep cropping up. I've offered to do this work without reward, other than some obvious training. I've acted as a club bailiff in the past, and as a local councillor, I've had all the usual background checks carried out.

    There are probably many club bailiffs out there that would gladly check rod licences as part of their duties, why not give them the chance...?
    Still not sure what's going on

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    Why don't the EA use their influence and consult with bona fide angling clubs to persuade the clubs to make it a club rule that members must show a current rod licence when joining or renewing their club cards. Clubs not consenting to this would then give the EA an indication of which areas are more likely to have anglers fishing without licences.

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    I would like a formal to this question please:

    How many rod and line offences have the EA successfully prosecuted in the last five years?

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    Good question Clive.

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    Frothey Guest


    following on from clives - do they feel the fines handed out for rod licence evasion are enough of a detterent?

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Why can't they put daily river levels on their web site as a service for us licence paying anglers?

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    How many people have been caught fishing without a licence in the last three years? How many have been caught committing fishery offences in the past three years?
    Now how many of those were British? And how many weren't?
    Answer: We don't break down that information ethnically, by sex or by nationality.
    I bet you don't!!!

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