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    Can anyone recommend a rucksack? I'm now on my third in five years and every one so far has just come apart at the seams or had a strap come off.

    The latest, a Hutchy job, was probably the worst lasting little more than a few weeks before I was doing running repairs and has fallen to bits in little over a year.

    Does anyone make a good, tough but well laid out rucksack?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I've been using a Fox 40 litre for short sessions. It's been through a lot of wear but so far has stood the test of time.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Dave,My rucksack is made by Wychwood, only a small one (35 litre)but it is at least five years old if not more,it is getting a bit tatty although still perfectly serviceable.It does get a lot of hard use. I had to make one or two adaptions to it when new and last year I had to replace the two webbing straps that are subject to a lot of wear.The only thing that went wrong early on was the zips at the sides of the top flap stopped working properly but the top clips shut anyway.
    I may go for another Wychwood product when replacing it but I would also like to take a look at the Cotswold Aquarius range, they are a bit pricey though.

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    Tony O'dell Guest


    I am still using a pair of old Nash ones. Still as good as new, but i have heard the quality of the new Nash gear isnt as high.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    I've got a Chub 55 litre rucksack, I can only praise it... Graham reviewed one on site somewhere...

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    Joe Foxall Guest


    titan has fetched anew one out, nice size plenty pockets and water proof.

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    <a href=>Chub 55 litre Rucksack review</A>

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    I use the Slam rucksack its quite cheap but VERY well made. What i really like is it is square, rather than rectangular which means it sits upright at the side of you when fishing. A must for rivers. Well stitched, has a built in rain canopy, drawstring top, waist and chest straps, plus all the pockets are padded - the front one takes a fox medium tackle box perfectly so half the time you don't even need to open it. I I've used mine twice a week for over 3 years now, its been drenched, snowed on, etc. and all that happens to it is i leave it my garage p*ss wet through until I next need it. The stiching is still all in place.

    In short cant reccomend it highly enough, when it finally gives up the ghost i will be buying another......

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Forget all the "named" rucksacks, the only one I have every used that is up to years of abuse is the '95 pattern bergen that is issued to the British Army.

    It is VERY well built, has a large main compartment that is pretty waterproof, a large top section with internal and external pocket, is about 80 litres, with side pouches this goes up to 120 litres. The pouches can be removed and zipped together to form a day sack (stalking??) or only one can be used.

    All in all u get a rucksack that has 5 different combinations available.

    Cost???...well, used and in good nick, 45, brand new, 90. It comes in plain green or cammo.

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    Rob's right. Having used the above I can vouch it will withstand the toughest treatment, and they sit properly on your back. The ones the tackle manufacturers make are next to useless, and considering the prices, they are not good value for money.
    The alternative to the 95 pattern bergen, is the SAS/PARA bergen, which is far better than anything you will buy in the tackle shops. I have a para bergen, which is in my shed, and why on earth I ever stopped using it, and switched to a Nash pursuit, I'll never know.
    Dave,If you want one to last, get a military issue bergen, the rest do not measure up.

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