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    John H Member of THE C.S.G.. & The A.T. Guest


    Anyone tried this yet? If so, what's your opinion/s...before I waste yet more money.

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    Have used it for the last 18 months, the mkII version available from most tackle shops - a BIG improvement on the original - a lot softer, less memory etc... I've used it in 8lb for my tench fishing and it's been pretty good, the only minor qualm being that it's got a bit of "pig tailing", not full on twist. I think this has only occured through playing fish on the drag and that same few yards of line have been continuely run over the line roller on the reel. I have also used it in 12lb for barbel fishing and that's been excellent, no twist or "pig tailing", really good abrasion resistance too. Overall the 12lb has performed better than the 8lb - for me any way.[img]/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]

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