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    You are doing a couple of nights at your local club water, you need to answer the call of natureand thereis no tiolet on site. Do you take a 'dump' somewhere behind a bush?Do you go home? What do you do?

    In these days of the angler having to take everything ( including the kitchen sink) fishing, and tackle dealers selling everything from bait boats to 'bivvy slippers, i have yet to seea 'fishing portaloo' being actively promoted.

    I fish a local river that runs alongsidelakes that are under the same club control, hardly anyone fishes the river because they are 'blinkered by the lake carp populus, however, the riverbank is frequently used as a tiolet area and the resulting mess and used paper is discusting,the club seems to turn a blind eye to this. I have seen the same problem on many other waters/venues too. All to often a club/venue does not provide a tiolet.

    I know this isnt a nice subject, but fishingaround or stepping in human excrement is also not nice, therefore( i think)this isa relevent subject.

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    Why dont they just poop in a bag? Seems easier to me. Or get one of those doggy poop a scoop things.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay AMIMechE (SA) MIFE (SA) (ACA) Guest


    Very simple, a bin bag and a bucket, wrap it up and empty it out of the bag and into the bog and flush it, when you get home.

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    Correct, Ron.

    But don't do like me and leave the offending stinkbag in your rucksack for weeks in midsummer.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    After you've done it --eat it .......(It'll be just like some of the **** they serve in kebab and curry houses)

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    The Monk Guest


    I take a portaloo if I`m taking a woman fishing with me, but alone I use an Army fold up shovel and bury it, most people do dont they?

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    John H Member of THE C.S.G.. & The A.T. Guest


    Not a problem any more with high dosage of codeine/dihydrocodeine medication I take these days. Certainly stop you in your tracks[img]/forum/smilies/dont_tell_anyone_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay AMIMechE (SA) MIFE (SA) (ACA) Guest


    It depends on the size of the stools being produced mate.

    Scouser stools can be anything up to 60 times longer, heavier and thicker than most peoples turds. They only kak about twice a year in Liverpool.

    They also have special turd removing services which involve high speed drills which insert a high tensile pin into the turd. Anything up to 30 Scousers heave like hell on a rope to dislodge the offending turd which can be as hard and heavy as a 3 foot length of pig iron.

    It's not funny!

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    Shrek Guest


    Ron, I'm not a scouser but I find your last post quite offensive!!!!!!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay AMIMechE (SA) MIFE (SA) (ACA) Guest



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