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Thread: River Wye

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    Hi Everyone

    I am off to the River Wye at Belmont at the end of October for 5 days!!

    Would be grateful for information regarding this stretch and equipment/bait needed!!

    I am primarily a general coarse angler-Fishing club matches etc mainly stillwaters in the south!!!

    So any info etc would be gratefully appreciated!!!

    Many thanks in anticipation


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    Graham Marsden (ACA) Guest


    Don't know the stretch Lee, but I'll bring this back to the top to see if anyone can help.

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    Paul (Brummie) Williams Guest


    [img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]Lee.....if conditions are ok you will have some good into Woodys fishing tackle......follow Brecon signs off the ringroad and he is about a mile up there on the left.

    Woody will put you right..........spend a bit in his shop if you can tho,lets keep him there.

    As for what to take......a float rod and trotting gear in case the roach and or dace are about, and arod for chub/barbel.

    Had my PB roach from nearby......and there are surprises about that would warrant a carp rod. [img]/forum/smilies/dont_tell_anyone_smiley.gif[/img]

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    One thing you must do the week before you go is ring Woody and ask if the fish have returned from their summer vacation (I kid you not) he will also tell you how it is fishing, if the fish havn't returned you would be well advised to fish elsewhere as it can be a hard and unrewarding slog otherwise.

    For tactics a float rod is the best tool with either stick or waggler and for bait caster or maggot, a feeder will work but a float is the best option. Bread flake will sort out some good roach and chub and they can be surprisingly large with roach well over 2lbs not uncommon and chub up to 6lb but maggot and caster will catch you more fish including the large dace that the Wye was once famous for. There are barbel up there but you will have more fun on the float fishing match style believe me.

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    Thanks Guys for the information!!

    I am sure it will be a great help!!

    I will post details of my success!! Hopefully on my return...

    I am really looking forward to the trip!!

    Tight Lines



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    How did you get on Lee?

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    Postponed Octobers trip due to River being low and clear!!

    Actually went 2 weeks ago!!

    River was about 2 feet above normal level!!

    Caught some cracking roach and dace in the centre of town!!

    The golf club stretch at Belmont Lodge was in perect gorgeous conditions!!! But the fish didn't want to play!!!

    Had a nice chub and Barbel from there....but no roach or dace!!

    Woody in town was excellent and I urge anyone who is contemplating a trip to contact him and get the up to date information on the river!!! He is a great character and very helpful!! Thanks Woody!!

    I would most definitely go again.....

    Highly recommended is the Belmont Lodge......

    Great accommodation and the river wye on site! A 1 mile stretch!!

    Was just great to fish the stick float and fish a great river!!!!


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    Great to hear your visit was a good one Lee.

    The Belmont Golf course stretch is where I used to fish as a kid from the age of 7. There was no golf course back then. The fishing has changed alot over the years but has always been great if you accept that on some days the river wins the day. I have recently returned to fishing after a 15 year break and am fortunate enough to have not only the best course fishing river in the UK on my doorstep but some of the best stretches no more than a 10 minute drive away.

    The barbel, dace, chub, perch, pike and roach fishing is excellent. Maybe next time you visit you may latch into some of the big carp that inhabit the stretch.


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