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    Birds Nest Guest


    Just thought I'd stew up some red band in my brand new metal flask... Now everything tastes funny.... Why dod I do that ?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    i used an thin aluminium camping saucepan to melt down lead for making i have a Coleman stove with a shinny lead coating and a saucepan with no bottom!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    About 10 years ago I prepared a lovely casserole for a certain lady I was entertaining. Put the whole lot in a silver dish and warmed it up in the microwave!!

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    I got in me boat, pushed myself away from the bank out into the lake and found i had left the oars on the bank!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Snatched what I thought were a packet of frozen sandeels out of the freezer, slung the rods in the car and went bassin'.

    Got to the beach and found I'd got French beans instead.

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    Shrek Guest


    Ron, that sounds like it made the whole evening go off with a bang !!!

    What was the detrimental effect? Did the earth move?

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    Shrek Guest


    On a more thread related note, not long after I started fishing I hooked what I thought was a big fish and stepped forward onto what I thought was the bank covered in reeds. The reeds were definitely there, just that the bank underneath them wasn't !!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    What made things worse was I decided to have a root through the bins in the car park, on the offchance someone else had slung their bait and an old boy came up, pressed a fiver into my hand and said: "GO on mate - go and get yourself a decent meal..."

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    lmao Chris

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    Curly Guest


    It's got nothing to do food items or the like but I remember fishing a small pond a couple of years ago.

    I thought there was just me and another bloke fishing so when he called over to see if I had caught anything I replied, not a bloody thing, he shouted back yes you have I just saw you land something. I assured him that I had not. Little did I realise that his mate was fishing in the next peg!!! Talk about feeling like an idiot.

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