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    Anybody thinking of buying a lake in France, or some exotic location?

    The BBC are waiting to hear from you.

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    Albert Howes Guest


    If you are thinking of buying a lake in France you should see the Documentry on someone that did it was a long time for them to aquire a licence to fish from the French Fishing Board

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    Frank Curtis Guest


    Are the BBC paying all the expenses? If so I'll move to the Carribean tomorrow.

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    Brad Osman Guest


    The Channel 4 program 'NO Going Back' has inspired the BBC (copy cats!)for those thatt are interested you can get throught o the web-site: Kevin Snuggs and his family invest everything into acres of woodland in the heart of rural Brittany. With two lakes thrown in he hopes to to make a living running fishing holidays like those on offer at

    Tight Lines, Brad

    Wednesday 30th January - Zambi

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