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    Jeff Butler Guest


    Does anyone know if there is any fishing on TV at the moment on BBC1, 2, ITV, C4 & 5, Don't mind if it's course, Sea or whatever???

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    Mark Frame Guest


    haven't seen any its all on sky

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    Shrek Guest


    The last fishing program I remember on terrestrial TV was Screaming Reels on Channel 4. This was hosted by Nick someone-or-other that also hosts the fishing talkshow on Radio 5.
    There has also been some coverage of the World Championships on C4 as well, but I can't rememer how long ago that was, but it wasn't excellent coverage.

    It would be good to have something back on TV.

    Wasn't Go Fishing on for a while as well before it went over to Sky?

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Go Fishing appears on the local programmes spot on Anglia TV. Living in the huge Carlton TV area all we ever get is programmes about Oxford & the Cotswolds - a fat lot of use to someone living on the edge of the Peak District! My sister living in Cambridge says that JW is often on the 7:30 slot on ITV.

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    Shrek Guest


    I suppose the closest we get to it is Heart of the Country. Sometimes featuring Fred J Taylor. Last time I saw it he caught a carp and cooked it. Wonder what the anit's made of that?

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    Kevan Busby Guest


    If you live in the Shrewsbury area you may get to see the River Severn on the Midlands news - but thats only cos its way above its normal. Fishing on terrestrial TV, ha ha ha. I bet the Carp Championships are on Sky pay-per-view.

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    Keith Miller Guest


    Go Fishing, a new series which began a few weeks back, is on Anglia TV tonight at 10.50p.m. Summary says on Hampshire Avon and an army lake in Herefordshire.

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    Frank Curtis Guest


    Fishing on the BBC? you've got to be kidding!
    We all remember their decision regarding Nuddy getting the most votes as Sportsman of the Year a few years back.
    If you want fishing on TV it has to be the Discovery channels on Sky or Cable as the terrestrial channels don't seem interested.

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    Ernest Baird Guest


    i think he is called Nick Fisher

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    Ernest Baird Guest


    There is not any programs on fishing in the north east either.

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