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    Neal Cooper Guest


    My wife wants to go to the Canaries for a holiday---I want to go fishing. Does anyone know what the fishing is like in the Canaries? Maybe we can have the best of both worlds and family harmony

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    Steve Muir Guest


    I fished the canaries last year( Tenerife) The cost of a boat marlin fishing was about
    Eighty quid each, food was provided with all the beer you can drink.The skipper wont go out
    with less than four can book the boat from an agency over there or enquire at the
    marina.I had a great time landing three wahoo to sixty pounds.It's expensive but well worth it.
    There are boats going out general fishing as they call it but apeared a bit ropey.
    Plenty of anglers along the rocks but have no details of catches.
    I hope this is of help,enjoy your holiday and good luck.
    Regards Steve

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    Neal Cooper Guest


    Thanks a million...I guess my wife gets to go to the Canaries after all ...I'll let you know what happened with the fishing after I get back in January.
    Thanks again

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    There are also reservoirs up in the mountains. Kevin Nash and Dave Plummer caught some monster carp from there. Thats where Nasheys bivvie thingy was conceived coz he had his bivvie blown away due to the wind. Aparently there are also loads of smaller carp up to low doubles. They take boilies, meat, bread etc.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    wasn't the canaries where the 5hr match record used to get broken regularly?

    Some forces blokes giving some small carp lakes a bashing........

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Carp Angler....i think that was Cyprus. Certainly, i never knew of any postings to the Canaries...or else my name would have been at the top of the list....twice!!
    Just was the Titan bivvy that was based on the trees Kevin had seen in the canaries whilst carp fishing. The trees were short and squatt so the wind did not catch them, and apparently he used there shape for the Titan. I seem to recall him catching fish of 40lb + Maybe give him a call....he is very approachable.

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    margot twine Guest


    On the same vein , we are going to Lake Bled in Slovenia at the end of May,brochure says fishing available.Has anyone got info. about this venue

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    Gareth Lewis Guest


    Iwent to Grand Canaria last year and went big game fishing for the day from Perto Base, next to perto Rico.
    I went out with only two other anglers Trolling with big mackeral rappala's.
    Each of us caught Blue Marlin, mine was estimated at 380kgs the others at 420kgs and 550kgs, and tuna to about 55kgs and 1 Dorado (Dolfinfish) at around 20kgs. All fish were returned alive, except 1 Tuna of about 12kgs which was BBQed on board for lunch.
    The cost 6000pts each or about 24. Which includes lunch and soft drinks.
    If you look at the forum thread titled Canarias that posted earlier in the year, it gives the boat names and contact details( I fished on the boat called Sailfish)

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