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    Birds Nest Guest


    Anyone catch the Barbel Gallery this week in the AM ??? pg 8... no 4... Erm I'm sure that chaps called Bob ?

    Is the Dove sooooo Secret that you have to send pics in as someone else ?

    Purely lighthearted....

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    didn't see that one, but as long as I recognise the background....

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    BN, you know what it's like with us specimen guys.

    You've heard about misleading reports on the venue, baits, tactics and so on....Well...I've decided to take it to a new level....send in a different photo completely...

    Mind, they got a bit suspicious when I sent in my latest carp photo and used one of Wendy Perry....

    Seriously, though, well spotted.

    What happened is that the AM made a mistake and put the wrong photo with my caption. Tom Legge (Dep. Editor) contacted me the day before to let me know what had happened.

    He sent huge problem, just send me a huge cheque to cover my hurt feelings...

    And I have been described for the first time as an angling journalist. Never though of it like that. I guess I've now joined the ranks of the famous, such as err...mmmm...ohh, what's his name?

    It's one of these things that happens, I thought it was funny. Mind, they could have picked a Tom Cruise look alike, then my 'fan mail' may have increased from 1 letter per month...

    In actual fact, check out Pilgrim's Progress today on FM and you'll get the actual photo of the Dove double - and it was taken in darkness as well so sorry no background as clues....

    But also check out the Mail next week when an even bigger fish will in. Plus it will also be on FM as well.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    How many different tee shirts, pullovers, hats and jackets do you carry around Sedge?

    Oooooh that one was below the belt!!!

    The fishing on the Idle is great by the way.

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    Dove Bailiff Guest


    not so far from the truth
    how many doubles?
    same fish
    same swim

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    Birds Nest Guest


    ohh watch out !!!

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    Mike Parker Guest


    I suppose that section of the Dove will be syndicated very soon - to people who carry two T shirts around and fish in the dark! (probably coz they are so ugly they would fighten the fish in daylight:-)ha ha ha

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    Terry Mann Guest


    I reckon the usail make up lady had gone on holiday.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    By the way I am field testing this most incredible piece of kit - a plastic barbel.

    It is so lifelike you cannot tell the different form a real fish, especially after is has been dunked in water. These incredible look alikes are now available at a price from 2396. each. Varous sizes are available as well as unique marking so you can "catch" the fish several times and give it a name. Top of the range is a barbel modelled on a weight of 27lbs. This is going for 12,000 to the lucky person who can afford it.....

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    Birds Nest Guest


    We could split the cost 4 or 5 ways, and get ourselves a 'repeat capture' saga going on....

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