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    Dave Feeney Guest


    A lot has been writen about fish welfare and quite rightly so, what with unhooking mats becoming compulsory on some waters, no sleeping when night fishing( agree or disagree your choice!!) keepnets having to be notless ect ect,but no comment has been raised about a pet hate of mine... the dry cloth.... how many times have you seen someone catch a fish, reach down into the net and wrap it up in a piece of old towel to "help" in keeping it still or what ever other purpose when unhooking it.
    The damage must be considerable as the cloth often looks like someone's used it to wallpaper with, by the end of the day, covered in fish slime.
    why can't they just unhook it in the net and return it via the net without ever having to touch it??.
    O.K if a photo is called for then the appropriate measures can be applied, but please lets try and get this awful practise stopped.
    Another one is throwing fish back instead of taking them to the waters edge and releasing them, once saw a guy catch a carp, drop in on the bank then use his landing net handle to "roll" and push it back into the water.
    These people are the first to complain when the fishing is not so good, we wonder why!!!!!! .
    Dry clothes are for drying your hands not to pick fish up with, lets try and keep it that way and help convert others.
    p.s whats your pet hates?????

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    Curly Guest


    A pet hate of mine is when, you are fishing all alone on a lake, pond, river etc and a man from out of no where comes behind you with a dog and proceeds to let the dog swim about in your swim without saying a bloody word.

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    Keith Miller Guest


    Mobile phones. I admit to carying one, but only for emergency use.
    I am repeatedly angered by those who set up near to me and then proceed to have trivial conversations with everyone they know.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Skyliners!! I detest skyliners. A large percentage of anglers in UK today have never fished a river, unlike in the 60s when in most cases that's all we did fish.

    You get in position, have those fish under your rod tip, and then some pratt comes along in colours of a vivid hue and scares the fish away.

    Another pet hate is the absolutely ridiculous colours that angler seem to dress up in, from Bob Nudd's stupid purple one piece and silly white cap, to Jan Porter in his hideous red.

    Why do these idiots have to inflict primary colours on the English countryside?

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Drinking while fishing. I have seen over the past year far too many single-species anglers (I think we know which species we are talking about) who are bevvied up before they are bivvied up. They are the absolute bane of the serious single-species anglers but when it comes to the general public they all get tarred with the same brush. One guy narrowly escaped drowning last year when he fell unconscious into a margin reed-bed, if he hadn't been spotted by someone walking back to the car-park after fishing a far peg he would have died.

    Either fish at the lake or drink in the pub, don't try to do both (not that these types will read FM!).

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    Robert Draper Guest


    PS that wasn't a dig at real Carp anglers, it was a dig at the complete morons who take up carp fishing as an excuse to go camping with a trolleyload of tinnies. When night fishing for pike was fashionable the pikers got the same bandwagon-boozers, I suppose the way things are going they will all migrate to Cat fishing eventually...

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I agree Robert. Many of us like a drink, but after the fishing, not during the fishing.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    Its funny Ron (well it wasn't at the time). I had the same happen to me last Sunday. Pre-baited an area (River Lea), just started to get somes plucks and in stomps this guy "Caught anything yet" top of his voice........pratt. I like conversing with anglers, but tend to do it on the hoof. I never approach someone once they are down and fishing.

    But my real hate. Litter.

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    Shrek Guest


    1. Not catching fish !!!

    2. Also, people that come up and offer your alternate advice on how you should be fishing when you are quite happy with the amount of fish that are attaching themselves to your hook !!!!

    3. Other anglers that plonk themselves down on the peg next to you and then don't stop talking to you.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    On rivers especially, the ettiquette of angling seems to have been lost. I blame commercial fisheries for this.

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