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    Default FishingMagic Fishing Trips

    There is a possibility that FishingMagic may be able to arrange guided or hosted 'destination' overseas fishing trips for members at excellent rates in the near future.

    To give us some idea of the level of interest, and the destinations / species that would interest people, please let us know where, and for what, you might like to fish.

    It is possible to arrange just about anything from Spanish cats or comizo to Indian Mahseer; South African bronze whalers to South American arapaima; French carp to Siamese carp.

    So, what do you fancy fishing for?

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    Default Re: FishingMagic Fishing Trips

    It would have to be golden dorado off the salto grande dam. Or peacock bass somewhere exotic.

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    Default Re: FishingMagic Fishing Trips

    I would love another trip to India for Mahseer , would also like to catch Nile Perch. An Amazon trip would be great , but I think it would be expensive. I am always on the look out for my next trip only a few companies in the UK running trips , some of them too expensive for me.

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    300 yards from the Wensum!

    Default Re: FishingMagic Fishing Trips

    Swedish or European crucians

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    Fishing available in Portugal

    I have local contacts (not proffesionals) who are willing to guide genuine anglers on the large barragems in the mountains behind the eastern Algarve coast.
    Both have their own boats and can loan gear and arrange accomodation if required.

    The main species would be Largemouth Bass but the waters also contain Carp, Catfish and 'black' Barbel plus numerous smaller species.

    These lakes are large by UK standards often 1000ha+ and very remote with angler visits counted in a few hundereds annually.
    It is quite normal to never see another human being while fishing so its not the place for the faint hearted or if you like mod cons.

    I will work through the Forum or privately but on a non-profit basis only.

    Just anglers helping anglers enjoy our sport

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    Default Re: FishingMagic Fishing Trips

    Dutch Zander or Tarpon off Florida
    CSG and Tenchfishers. Floppy hat and proud!!

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