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    Default Interesting site - fish & wildlife distribution

    Theres several interesting mapping sites and the usefulness of google earth in finding places to fish, exploring aerial info etc cropped up in a thread recently.

    The site below also has aerial / map stuff, but you can also search for the distribution of species (fish, insects, mammals, birds, plants etc). Recommended to the naturalists out there and those who wonder precisely where and when Burbot (or whatever) was last recorded in Britain.

    You can play also around with date ranges too - eg. Carassius carassius (crucian) shows a marked decline over the years.

    National Biodiversity Network Gateway

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    Default Re: Interesting site - fish & wildlife distribution

    Thanks Chub, an excellent site; just had a quick look and typed in Black Kites as bit of a birdwatcher and wanted to know about them but, will look at it further for other things. Top Marks.

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