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    Default wychwood net station

    Hi guys.

    I was wondering if any of you have used the Wychwod net station?

    What are your thoughts on it?


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    Default Re: wychwood net station

    I don't have one but looking at the specifications of their website I can't say I'm all that impressed.

    Apparently it screws into a singl bank stick, so stability has to be suspect, not to forget wither that sometimes its difficult/impossible to get a bank stick into hard ground or the concrete on many commercials.

    Personally, when fishing commercials I use a second set of pole rests on the legs of my Preston box and that works very well indeed; safe and secure too.

    When fishing more 'natural' lakes for Carp I simply use a pair of bank sticks with a wide rod rest on the front one and the usual thinner one on the rear.

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    It seems to be trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.
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    Default Re: wychwood net station

    Tend to agree with other posters, this is a gimmick that would appeal to very few people.

    If you want one buy it now, I can see thwm being in production long term. I have never seen one on the bank.

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    Default Re: wychwood net station

    I have to admit that the stability was the thing that I had a question about.

    I have been to several fisheries where something like this would be useful. It is a bit of a gimmic though.

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