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Thread: Fishing

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    I am going fishing this weekend and i am going to go for pike on one rod and tench or bream on another .

    i am going to get maggots and iwas wondering if there were any tips on flavours for the winter.

    and what should i do to help me catch more fish

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    Bob "chubber"Lancaster (ACA) Guest


    maggoots on there own will limit what you catch. You could try a touch of tumeric or mixed spice to liven them up a bit.But i would suggest that you also take worms , bread , caster and sweetcorn to give you an option to change baits. If you cant afford to take all that then get yourself a loaf of bread and mash it up at the waters edge and just throw a small amount every now and again this will attract the fish to your maggotts. You have a nice weekend my friend .Tight lines.

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    Cakey Guest


    get your maggots going in around the pike rod too

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