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    Default Re: do you always take a brolly

    I attach my brolley to a brolley arm on my seat box, but it the weather looks good I leave it in the car (well my granddads car, too young too drive) but always bring it with me, just in case. BTW, what sort of seat boxes to you use on the river?

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    Default Re: do you always take a brolly

    i recently bought a jrc 60" oval brolly system as i have not had much luck with the conventional ones, the jrc is brill once its pegged down it aint gonna move for nothing and it really keeps the wind out and it doesnt hinder your fishing. i take it every time i go out now..

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    Default Re: do you always take a brolly

    If i'm mooching about then i leave it at home and wear waterproofs,and if i'm staying put then i always take it and it fit on my seatbox,use it in the rain,sun or wind great protection,better to have a comfortable days fishing than struggling with the elements.
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    stillwater session where i am sat for hours then yes the brolly comes, river fishing where mobile trotting tactics are the order of the day then no

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