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    I heard this on radio 5 this morning so I looked it up on the web, and we were worried about East Europeans eating our fish?

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    I'd hope they would struggle to survive the cold water temperatures.

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    Baz (Angel of the North) Guest


    If it's in The Sun it must be true. Ask Ed.

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    Let's just hope it was one discarded from someones aquarium!

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    oh F***!

    Look on the bright side - it will probably thin out the mink and cormorants.
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    UK waterways will very rarely reach the temperatures required for even the Northern species of Snakehead to spawn. Most of that report is nonsense anyway (no surprise considering the source).

    I'll ask some people in fisheries if they know anything about it. It could easily be a tropical species that has been dumped, many of the Piranhas supposedly &quot;caught&quot; are far more likely dumped, found dead and then reported as having been hooked.

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    Geoff Dawe Guest


    Couldthis be what Enoch was refering to when he gave his 'Rivers of Blood' speech about immigration all those years ago!

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    Peter Jacobs (ACA, SAA, CA) Guest


    "It is feared the fish had been smuggled in for an aquarium and then illegally released."

    If this is a true account then whoever released that bloody thing ought to be shot!

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    Graham Marsden (ACA) Guest


    I haven't heard enough details about this story yet, but my firstreaction is to think it's just so much sensational, paper-selling ****.

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    The captor thought it might be a burbot when he caught it, sent it into us to ID.
    Didn't work on the story myself but can't see them becoming a big problem, as has already been said they are very unlikely to breed over here.
    A very interesting species, have caught a few small ones in India, they call them murrel over there.
    The EA are on the case.

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