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    Dave Feeney Guest


    Does anyone know how the fishing is at this lake ???? not fished it for over 20yrs but the perch and rudd was some of the best that I can remember, it used to have warm water pumped into it from the atomic power station but that has closed down, so over to you, anyone fished it latly ???????

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    Alan Fawcett Guest


    Hi Dave

    I used to work the funfairs & we used to pull up in the layby just down the road from the front gates of the power station before pulling into Portmadoc for 6 weeks.

    I used to love fishing that place (did you hear the rumor of the three eyed fishes??)
    I haven't been out that way since last year we went to morfa bychan (near Portmadoc) to see some old mates from the fairs & i couldn't resist having a look at the lake , it was empty mate no one there at all (well as far as i could see) & this was a lovley sunny day!!

    Does anyone remember the 45lb mirror that washed up on the shores of the lake about 10/12yrs ago?
    The reports at the time said it only got that big because of the nuke output from the power station & three or four weeks later the stories of the three eyed fishes started LOL

    If i can find his number i'll give Ifor a ring, he owns a camp site in morfa bychan & he might know how its fishing.

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    Dave Feeney Guest


    Thanks Alan, the water was so hot you could bath in it, don't recall the story of the carp but I heard that there was massive grass carp in there, may be a record at the time, but never saw any. The trout used to go mad for sweet corn, this was the days before trout pellets were available to joe puplic, god only knows what they would have been like with 1kg bags thrown at them??. The locals hated the coarse fish and if I remember right the bailiff would try and get you to throw the coarse fish up the bank! we never did... this led to many an argument...
    fond memorys and happy days

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