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    Chris Betts Guest


    On a recent work party I managed to tear my waders. I have had these since I was 16, which is 22 years now. What I would like is an answer to the following question.

    Can anyone recommend a good replacement pair, i.e. Quality and value for money.

    My last pair were a traditional green rubber pair, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the company that made them. I just hope they are still in business. After all if everybodies waders last 22 years the market would shrink quickly.

    Hope someone can offer some advice, based on personal experience.

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    Cheese Paste Guest


    22 years is amazing. I thought most start to perish after about 2 or 3 seasons. I'd be interested to know how you kept them going that long.

    As for new waders I think Neoprene is the "in" material to have if you can get hold of them.

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    Chris Betts Guest


    Mine were kept hung up in a well ventilated shed. I am lucky in that I have always been in a position to provide an environment where my gear can be hung to dry in consistant temperatures, even in winter.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Uniroyal streamfisher - not the cheapest but I always reckoned they lasted longer. Get a troutie mag and check out the mail order offers.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    I find it hard to believe that your waders were rubber and lasted 22 years. I've always hung mine up in the garage and ordinary rubber waders seem to begin to perish after only a couple of years.

    A good quality and long lasting wader is one called "Ocean" I believe these used to be marketed as "Hardy" waders but went under their own name a few years ago.I can vouch for one pair lasting 11 years but they are not rubber.

    The last time I bought a pair they were just over 50 when good rubber ones were 30 but they do last a lot longer than rubber, they have a soft roll down top section.

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    Laurie Harper Guest


    If the tear isn't too bad, the wader repair sealants do work. Could be cheaper than a new pair. Mind you, 22 years is a pretty amazing lifespan. Gates waders are good and not expensive. They make for other people, such as Daiwa. Black is cheaper than green, so long as you don't mind looking as if you've been sent to unblock the sewers.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    No question...get some stoking foot neoprenes. About 100 upwards...comfy, warm, and...well...rather

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    Chris Betts Guest


    Thanks chaps, Rob have you ever thought about getting some profesional help? I appreciate all the feedback. Yes they have lasted 22 years but thinking about it they have not had that much use in that time. Maybe 2 or 3 times a year. What has surprised me is the price variation. Mine cost about 30 when I bought them, so I was a little suprised that the prices for uniroyal are still about that, mine were uniroyal streamfishers, I think, I can almost ready the little white and red label on the top of them.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    My wifes rubber leggins and suit has lasted for years.......

    By the way, what are the pro's and cons of neoprene ??

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    Robert Draper Guest


    A question which might seem rather intrusive but I have to ask...

    What do you wear under neoprenes (NO PICTURES!!!)?.

    I have a neoprene wetsuit and I can't imagine wearing anything more than a pair of swimming trunks underneath.

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