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Thread: Forum Problems?

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    Chris Corderoy Guest


    Ok, it has come to my attention that some of you are having problems with the forum, it also seems to be limited only to FISHINGmagic therefore I have started this thread to see if we can can sort them out.

    I am the guy who built it (might be setting myself up for abuse here :-) ), therefore the best person to speak to, so here's your away.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Cool shades, obviously from the mountain bike site!
    I got about 30 notifications yesterday and there wasn't an update shown on the thread.
    I put this down to my cookies not being read properly and thus the site not showing me the correct updates.
    I then tried to post a message to the River Itchen thread and received an error which I mailed to Graham.

    While we've got your attention, give us back our edit facilities.

    Thanks for your time, "cool shades Chris"

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    Carp Angler Guest


    just got another one.........

    FISHINGmagic Forum - New reply posted
    Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:32:06 -0000
    From: <>
    To: <>
    Dear Carp,

    Just to let you know that your post in thread title 'River Itchen,
    Swaythling' on has had a response.

    To read the full response, go to

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    Chris Corderoy Guest


    >I then tried to post a message to the >River Itchen thread and received an >error which I mailed to Graham.

    Right cool I fixed this error today, but the problem with getting notification on the 'River Itchen' thread is strange, have you tried to disable the notification?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    That would be futile if someone was actually posting.
    Can you see if anyone has tried to post against it?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Looks like you might need a bit more glue.......
    It's come unstuck...

    error '80020009'
    Exception occurred.

    /forum/threadreply.asp, line 93

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Chris - it works well by and large. I wouldn't mind binning forum notification though. Can I block sender without cutting myself off from the mailing list..?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Chris B,
    When you post a reply you can check the "Disable" box
    or when you receive a notification follow the disable link and it automatically disables it for you.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I've just had another 2 notifications but still no updates.

    ****** this, I'm going fishing.

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    peter webber Guest


    Chris ( cool dude )
    I have been trying to put a thread into Centerpin fishing since last night and I keep getting :
    error 80020009
    exception occurred


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