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Thread: Targets

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    How does everyone organise their fishing. Do you just go where you feel like it at that moment or do you plan a campaign. I do the latter. I set not only water targets, but fish targets as well. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to do things, just do whatever gives us pleasure and satisfaction, which angling is all about.
    From now till the end of the season I'll be targeting pike and chub, with a number of specific waters in mind.

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    Some days I almost organise my fishing and I arrive having remembered most of my gear!!
    My plan of campaign is to go fishing and thence to lunch or dinner depending on the time of year and temperature....
    Usually I tend to fish with a single species as the intended target, this time of year it may well be Chub but if the grayling are feeding away goes the chub gear and out comes my fly rod!!

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I always start with grand plans, but I keep getting lured away from them by you lot.
    I fish for carp and carp only.
    Do you wanna come barbelling Rik?
    Shall we have a bash for zander?
    Lets try for those big roach
    Take me grayling fishing
    Lets catch some big dace
    When am I going to fit in all my carp fishing?

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Nothing wrong with a bit of variety Rik, if anything it can only help with the Carp fishing...just stop catching 12 pound Barbel when you do it OK!

    I like the idea of a plan but always whimp out after a couple of blanks and then basically base my fishing around the conditions and what I think will bite best.

    This season is the first time I have become sort of "hell bent" on something. I found a swim on a river which I am certain can produce a really good Carp. Its been almost impossible to fish it all summer but now the weeds dying back I can get a bait out. With the dropping water temp My sensible side is telling me to cop out and go after Barbel, Chub etc but for some reason I am still up for it. I have just completed my 11th stright blank which I know for some of you guys is peanuts but for a self confessed bite chaser like me this is usually wrist slashing time!

    The main thing for me is that I am still looking forward to getting out there regardless of the blanks. When I dont I look forward to it anymore I will change.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Philip, ah...11 blanks on the're making me feel better already.....

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