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Thread: Glue for rigs

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    What are your opinions on using glue for rigs? Is it necessary? Doesn't the smell of the glue deter the fish? Is the glue marketed by fishing tackle companies just really super glue in a fancy box and double the price?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Sedje, some rigs do need glue to make up, and i always get in a mess yes! but i don't think it deters the fish, is it just super glue with the price doubled? come on mate! someones gotta pay for those new 4+4's with private number plates.

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Sedge, I have also wondered about this, but I think if the knot is tied correctly and carefully the knot will not fail, besides who needs complicated rigs?
    Use the K.I.S.S. Principal, Keep It Simple Stupid !



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    Simon Ford Guest


    If you open the container on the f** rig glue then you will find that it is a well known brand without the label.I get my glue from a friend who makes uPVC window frames (10* the size of bottle) and i don`t have to pay for it!
    Regarding the smell,if you leave the rig hanging for a few hours before using or packing into your bag the smell should have gone.Another tip is to use a cocktail stick to apply the glue because you can get smaller measures than traight out of the tube.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Andy, thats very naughty of you calling my mate Cedje stupid !!! seriously though i dont only use glue for knots, one rig that comes to mind is glueing two pellets back to back on a hair, i found drilling them makes them break up too quick sometimes.

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    Simon Ford Guest


    The problem with gluing bait is when the fish eats it the bait breaks down and the glue doesn`t it is then stuck in the fishes gut possibly causing some harm drilling the pellets is better because you are not adding any chemicals which might harm the fish.Depending the size of pellet which you use (i use the elips from hinders) you would better being patient and drilling than adding glue.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I don't think the minute amount of glue i use would do any harm, why doesn't it pass trough? most times the pellet is still on the hair anyway just as a boily is, in fact i'm finding it difficult to think of a time i didn't get the pellet back.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Got to say that I also have used glue to attach dog biscuits to hooks and never worried about it....if I was a fish I think I would be more concerened with the bloody great hook thats about to be yanked into my gob!

    On the subject of glues, although I dont use them alot when I do its ususally Kryston bondage on rigs. I could be wrong but it does not strike me as being like a typical "super glue" Its sort of rubberized and leaves a bit of flexibility there if you need it.

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    I use a dab of superglue on my knots, although I dare say that most of the time it's unecessary. As far as the smell is concerned I think the fish like it. In fact I get more bites when I enclose my bait and superglue-knotted hook in a brown paper bag.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    For all my knots, other than mono, I always superglue them.
    If it's a rig then all of them are soaked in muddy or flavoured water after anyway.
    Mono to mono shockleader knots are glued aswell.

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