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    Are we seeing the beginning of the end of fishing as we know it? Is Chris right when he speculates, 'In a generation’s time, we might even look back on the last few decades of the 20th Century as the golden age of angling.'

    What do you think?

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    john conway Guest


    In the article where Chris Bishop asks whether the writing’s already on the wall re climate changes there was also a bit about the number of Anglers: -
    "Many more have deserted angling altogether. In the late seventies, an estimated four million adults bought the old water authority rod licenses. Latest figures show less than a million EA licenses were sold this season."
    Is this now a good comparison. When I was a lad living between old river authorities I bought two licenses and maybe another when I went on holiday. How many licenses do today's Anglers buy? Having just come back into fishing I now have a new River Board License but to be honest I can't remember how much of the country this now allows me to fish. I also seem to remember something about not needing a River Board License if the water had no natural in-let or out-let. How does this apply to the carp ponds?
    By the way my opinion is that the writing is not on the wall but only if doing nothing is not an option. I'm sure we can cope or learn to live with the ups and downs water levels, but pollution should be our main concern and that includes acid rain and we only need to look to the problems that acid rain has caused in the Scandinavian Countries.

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    Paul Hawkins Guest


    Nature is fickle. The Earth has gone through countess enviromental changes. Why do we, who have inhabited the globe for a fraction of it's life time, think that any climate change is down to us?
    Sorry, I have seen nothing that can't be explained by mere natural chance, and certainly nothing that has happened has only happened in man's time.
    Besides, if you listened to the scientists, the next ELE(extinction level event) is due any day so why worry!
    Tight lines Graham, every action has an opposite and equal reaction....those gravel pits get better and better.

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    I agree to a great extent, it's all too easy to see your glass as half empty rather than half full.

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    Chris Bishop Guest

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