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Thread: Wheat Gluten

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    Default Wheat Gluten

    Does anyone have any tips for making bait with Wheat Gluten?

    Im trying to make no egg boilies and wondered if anyone has any info to pass on? Ive tried geletine baits.

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    Default Re: Wheat Gluten

    I"ve used it to make paste......

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    Default Re: Wheat Gluten

    Up to 2ozs of wheat gluten can be used in a 10 oz mix - it is a good binder. Another good binder for boilies which is very cheap is potato starch (also called Farina). A further suggestion is egg albumin but this is much dearer. Don't worry about the protein content of boilies - it's a nonsense.

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    Does it have to be wheat gluten?

    CCMoore say -

    Egg Albumen may be used in conjunction with Whey Gel to produce a base mix that requires no liquid egg. This enables you to add either water or other non-oil based attractors to your base mix to produce a far more soluble finished bait. Use Egg Albumen and Whey Gel at an inclusion level of 5% each to eliminate the requirement for liquid egg.
    Also check out Tim Richardsons review of egg albumen and egg powder here -

    Also in John Wilson's excellent book 'Catch Carp & Tench' -

    Mix dry in a bowl one part casilian or calcium caseinate to two parts beemax (or plain wheatgerm). Then add sufficient water to which liquid or powder color, plus a flavor, has been added and knead into a soft paste. The resulting paste will be rather sticky and rubbery, which makes it almost impervious to the pecking attentions of small unwanted nuisance species. It can also be frozen for later use.
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    Default Re: Wheat Gluten

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I'm trying to make boilies without egg, and because I'm so used to liquid eggs giving the baits a skin when you boil them, I am struggling to get my head around 'dry binders', if that makes sense.

    I may even just try wheat gluten/boilie mix paste if it is that impervious to small fish/crays.

    As I like to use big baits for pre-baiting and on the hook; I often roll my boile paste into sausages and wrap this in cling film and boil it like that. Would this work without egg do you think?

    I think I'll have to so some experimenting and take the hit on the cost.

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