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Thread: Dawn or dusk?

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    Default Dawn or dusk?

    Following on from the thread about favourite fishing moments I notice that some of you love the first thing in the morning time for your fishing.

    Got to admit the dawn thing has never appealed to me. Not that I can't get up early. I spent five years as a milkman and the best part of twenty five working shifts. No. I've never been a fan of getting up early, rushing everything and then getting to the water knowing that every passing minute gave you a better chance than the minutes still to come.

    As a kid it had to be a dawn start. Walking down to Worsbrough Res' through the fields in the dark getting my jeans so wet that they were still damp at tea time. The stale sandwiches that had been made the day before and always the things that you had forgot because you were rushing.

    Far better for me the leisurely lunch, check the weather forecast, casually load up the car and have a pleasant relaxed drive to the venue arriving well before the sun goes down. Then I have time to have a little walk to assess the best spot and put in some bait, go back for the tackle and set up without rushing. I know that every coming minute is likely to give me a better chance than the ones already gone.

    Dawn is vastly over rated as a fishing time for me. Yes, the dawn chorus can be a bonus, but I can hear that from my bedroom window.

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    I am a early person dawn is a magic time for me and always has been . it is full of promise of things to come and sometimes it gives you your best chance of a fish or two untill the coming of darkness. fishing rivers like the hampshire avon and dorset stour in summer is a early start breakfast at nine back on the river 8pm Forget the rest of the day beaches can be the same no matter what state of the tide first light and last light are the best time to catch a few fish especially predatory species I often start my lure fishing an hour before it gets light and into darkness of an evening.

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    Was ten years as a postman yet i can't do early morning starts as it leaves me like a zombie my midday...

    ......and thats why my tench pb is rubbish!

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    I m fortunate inasmuch as I live very close to my favorite river, so a dawn session is no problem for me at all.

    That said I do find that fishing between an hour or so after dawn until and hour before dusk is usually not too productive. So, I tend to fish an early morning session, then pack and go home or shopping or whatever and then return a couple of hours before dusk and start over.

    All of my best river Roach (2lbs and over) have come from that last hour before darkness falls with only a few from the very early mornings, and only a couple ever during daytime.

    My favorite times for Carp or Tench though are those very early, mist-shrowded hours before full dawn; I think there is nothing finer in all of angling than hearing the alarm go off or watching the float dither before sliding away in those murky hours of the morning.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    I have always been a morning person and I have to say that given a choice based on results, I prefer to fish through dusk into darkness.

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    Interestingly, my favourite summer roach time nowadays on the Stour is 11am to about 4pm because that's the best time for hemp and tares, the hotter and sunnier the better. Years ago a stretch of the upper Stour was only worth fishing for big roach from dawn to about 8am in summer. I'd pack up in time to catch the Saturday holiday traffic queuing through Blandford (before the bypass). Used to enjoy early morning tench fishing on a water that similarly was only any good at dawn and for a couple of hours afterwards; odd fish in the evening and none in the day.

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    Default Dawn or dusk?

    Early bird for me. Love getting up when it's still dark and getting down to the river to watch dawn appear

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    Another early riser here, love the early mornings but also like the last couple of hours after the sun has set in summer and it very slowly gets dark.

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    I like to get there an hour or so before dark and have a little look around , then start fishing , get my casting right before dark comes so it becomes second nature , I like to fish all night especially in summer because the dawn comes early giving me best of both worlds , but I have to admit there is something special about being on the bank as the sun starts to show and the noise levels slowly go up as if someone were turning up the volume .
    Happy days

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    Default Re: Dawn or dusk?

    OK, lets try and end the fued .

    I prefer dusk. Imo it's the best time in the winter as that thast time the temp's will have risen and warmed the water up a touch. Early mornings will fish at their best during the summer months when water temp's are up constantly. Those are my thoughts.
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