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    chefster Guest

    Default You"re first tackle

    A couple of things lately,have made me think about the gear i started off with.11FT Split cane rod,Intrepid Black Prince reel,some quills,perch bobbers and a whicker creel.What about you lads,what gear can you remember starting with??...Cheers Gaz

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    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    Black Prince reel?
    you were lucky - All I had was an old 11ft rod and a battered metal centre pin

    I did get a Black Prince reel later - my first "proper" reel
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    chefster Guest

    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Paul of Sheffield View Post
    Black Prince reel?
    you were lucky - All I had was an old 11ft rod and a battered metal centre pin

    I did get a Black Prince reel later - my first "proper" reel
    Can you remember how much the Black Prince cost?

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    binka Guest

    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    Old fusty stuff from the late sixties found in my dad's allotment shed.

    Can't remember what the cane rod was or the reel for that matter but perch bobs were definitely there along with some quills and an old, knotted keepnet around four feet long, diamond shaped string mesh about an inch wide with a loop of line around the top ring instead of a bankstick and a matching triangular landing net handle.

    The only thing we ever kept in the keepnet were bottles of shandy in the summer holidays back in the days when it seemed we used to have a summer!

    Wish I still had it all

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    Default Re: You"re first tackle


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    my very first rod was a winfield special set from woolworths. i still have the rod though its much beaten up and has cotton holding on most of the eyes. cant bring myself to throw it away.
    i was then brought a 13' shakespear fibreglass float rod and over the years that has seen some fish including pike to around 15lbs and carp upto 10lbs. i let my kids use it now though its a bit heavy compared with carbon rods

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    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    I can't remember how I got my first set of gear but I had a two piece 10foot fibreglass spinning rod and an aluminium centrepin reel with red handles.

    After that I had a Dawsons of Bromley dalmonte 3 piece split cane and fibreglass rod and an Intrepid Monarch.

    Then a fibre glass Edgar Sealey 13foot Black Arrow, a 10 foot + Bruce & Walker Mark IV compound taper, with a Mitchell 410 and a Grice & Young Avon Royal supreme.

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    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    My nan bought me my first fishing tackle on my seventh birthday 1953 we went to Sowerbutts in the commercial road shorditch it was a three piece tonkin cane with brass collars no ferrules cork handle about 10foot a small blue centre pin with a very noisey ratchet 25 yards of Luron nylon line a small tin of split shot a perch bobber and a gosse quill and a porcupine quill and some float rubbers and size 16 eyed hooks it cost one pound ten shillings £1-50 in todays money my nan said do not tell your grandfather how much it cost. We got home back to Dalston and my grandfather said another five minute wonder one of the few times he was ever wrong When ever the rod got wet you could not get it apart but it did not realy matter as I walked to where ever I fished no money for bus fares when we were kids if you had money you bought gentles with it .
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    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    Christmas pressie from parents when I was 11 [I think] so around 1967. 10 and a half foot "bottom" rod,3 piece, butt & middle whole cane [black with red whipping] and a solid f/g tip the colour of toffee. Intrepid Monarch 66 with 100 yds of 5lb Platil. I already had a really nasty plastic float wallet with some floats,hooks & a small tin of mixed shot. My elder brother got me one of those sort of mustard yellow corded keepnets that smelled like all tackle shops used to.

    The rod got replaced in due course by an 11ft fibreglass thing from my Dad's Littlewoods catalogue before I "upgraded" to a 12ft Rodrill "Yellowhammer".For my 16th birthday I got my first Mitchell 300 and not long after bought myself a B&W 2 piece Mk IV Avon [glass] and a floppy hat which [in those days] was an absolutely essential piece of kit.

    By the time I left school at 18 I'd added a B&W CTM 13, a Peter Stone Leger rod and another 300 and that was pretty well it until well into my 20's. I only became a tackle tart later in life !
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    Default Re: You"re first tackle

    Why are you calling me " first tackle" Think about it!!!

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