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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    My 14 year old daughter ask me yesterday what I would like for Christmas. Knowing how concerned with the environment and conservation she is I wondered what she could get me that would be more worthwhile than just another shirt or bottle of aftershave.

    The choice was obvious and it would only cost her a tenner, an annual subscription to the Anglers Conservation Association. When I told my daughter about it she was absolutely delighted with the idea. To my mind it is such an important organisation and does a very important job for all anglers. Pollution of OUR waterway’s effects us all from the unscrupulous companies that just dump their waste into the nearest lake or small stream because it is the cheapest solution, or bad farm management and the ignorant sod’s that just pour alsorts of junk down their drains with out a thought as to where it go’s or what harm it will cause.

    We all need the ASA, if it was up to me I would raise the rod licence fee to £30 with the extra £10 going to the ASA.

    Just incase you don't known their phone number is 0118 971 4770

    So I would like to make this plea to everyone here that if you care about our sport and our waters, when someone asks you what you want for Christmas just think a moment, then help your sport and yourself at the same time by telling them a subscription to the ASA would be great. Its the best £10 present anyone could buy for you.

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    Simon Ford Guest


    Cheers m8,I`ve been thinking of joining the ACA and if its onlyy a tenner then i will

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Nice one Simon m8 I like it

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    I entirely agree we should all be members of the ACA .So to those of you that aint loosen yer wallets!!!

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