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    Come on then, let's hear all your gossip and funny stories. But go easy on me if you know me........

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    Andy Davis Guest


    I’d set my “new” rod pod up in the kitchen last night, complete with rod & bite alarm etc. as there was a hook and boilie on the line I stuck the hook into a cork and left it on the kitchen floor, I was generally messing about with the pod, changing different angles and just learning how best to make use of the pod when on the bank side. Then my parents turned up and I got distracted, catching up on the family news and making cups of tea and we had all settled in the lounge.
    Then It happened, I got a screaming run, and for a few seconds I was stunned, the bite alarm was going mental, I could hear the bait runner going and yet still I stood there thinking “there’s no carp in my kitchen” !! So out I rushed into the kitchen and there it was, bait runner still going mental, bite alarm going ballistic then “bang” the cat flap went…then it dawned on me one of the cat’s had the bait/hook…..after a brief panic which resulted in me grabbing the line I followed it down the garden to find a very unhappy cat attached to the line, a quick inspection of the cat revealed that she had been caught around a rear leg, I soon found out the hook was NOT in the cat and managed to unravel the cats foot from the line, whilst doing this the cat managed to bite me and squirm enough for me to get jabbed by the hook !

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    I like fishing for cats, but blimey Andy, I've not had one like that before. And don't tell me it was on the rod-pod you've just bought off me I advertised in the classifieds?

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Yes the very same !!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Well, I don't like doing this Graham, but I must tell everyone about the time this last Summer when Eddie Bibby, Graham and myself went fishing on the Dove and Graham went to use his mobile phone. Only problem is, he bought the home portable instead...quite appropriate really, after me and the mobile phone story.... Only one thing really though Graham, the picture doesn't look like me....

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    Carp Angler Guest


    When I was about 12 or 13, I used to fish a lake about 10 miles away and used to ride my pushbike there.
    One very cold winters morning I set off on my bike complete with all my gear either strapped to the bike or my back, about halfway to the lake I slipped on some ice and fell off, in the process, breaking my flask and spilling the contents of my baitbox(pint of maggots) inside my seatbox.
    I eventually arrived at the lake and headed for the opposite bank so I would have the wind behind me.
    After a couple of biteless hours the snow started to fall, coupled with a horizontal wind and no hot soup I was feeling quite miserable, with the occasional big gust of wind keeping me on my toes.
    Suddenly there was an enormous bang from behind me and I leapt out from under my brolly to see a cow with a mouthful of my bike tyre.
    I struggled towards the cow against the wind and it walked off mooing, I stared in disbelief at my ruined bike, turned around and saw my brolly take off into the middle of the lake, where it swiftly sank out of site.
    I admit at that point I sobbed, packed up my gear and then had to push/carry my bike the 10 miles home.
    Aye, it were grim when I was a lad....

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    No, the guy with the mobile phone doesn't look like you Sedge, and I'll bet he hasn't lost much sleep thinking about that...........

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Try this for size…A few years ago I was on a training course for a week in Berkshire. I was put up in a really plush hotel and took the opportunity to go fishing on the Kennet every night after the course. Now in my haste to get down to the river each evening rather than go out for something to eat I took sandwiches and a flask of tea with me. The sandwiches came from room service and the tea I made with the kettle in the room. However I had no milk so every evening at 5.30pm I called room service and asked them for the same thing….
    "Hello, can I have as quickly as possible, two chicken sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and a cup of milk served in a jug with a spout please" (to help pour it into the flask, obviously!)
    At the time it did not really occur to me how strange this must have seemed to the room service people. They obviously had no idea that I was actually taking these things outside as they always served the wrapped up sandwiches and milk on on a little silver tray complete with small side salad, napkin and knife and fork which they left outside the door after knocking.
    Anyway come Friday evening I ordered the same thing again, but this time on opening the door there was the room service guy with two colleges holding the tray. He said, "Look this is not usual policy to question guests but I just HAVE to know what you are doing…..the wrapped up sandwiches I can just about understand…but a cup of milk in a jug with a spout??!!??"
    I’m not sure my explanation that I was about to spend the night on a muddy river bank made me seem any more sane either!

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    The most curious 'bite' I ever saw was when fishing with a friend on a lake. It was late evening and the light was fading. My friend cast out his float rig, but the expected splash of it landing on the water never came. However line was still peeling from his reel at a furious rate.

    Confused, he closed the bail arm and the rod tip pulled over to his right and a splash was heard from much farther down the bank. He reeled in with something fighting on the line, and when he got it back we discovered he had hooked a bat in mid-flight.

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    I remember my father who took up fishing quite late in his life fishing on the river Lea. He had the most unusual casting style I ever seen in which he actually manage to roll his cast out so that this little cicle of line runs down the line until it hit the float. I was watching him once and as he cast out a sparrow actually got caught in that cicle of line and Dad brought him in. The sparrow was all right but I would have never believe it if I wasn't watching!

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