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    Default Bait makers of Yore

    I was re-reading Big Carp by Tim Paisley and Friends the other day. In it is a chapter on bait which includes a list of bait companies / suppliers. Some are still producing and some are not or have be sold off and re-branded or whatever.

    I hardly ever see products, adverts or even mention of some of them (that still produce baits) and was just pondering if they have just stuck to their original ideas or if the newer companies just market themselves better or genuinely do have better products.

    Surely these original companies have not just sat on their good name and assumed they would sell because of what the company stood for in the beginning?

    Surely they must have kept in front of the game?

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    I have not read the article, but bait is a good example of a product where t can speak for itself, word of mouth and recommendations are IMHO far better marketing tools than full page adverts month after month in the carp comics.

    Richworth - who accept do advertise occasionally - are a good example of this policy.

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    After reading a fair bit of the forum formerly known as Cemex, I'm well aware that there are dozens of highly regarded bait making/rolling companies, past and present, out there that I've never heard of. They tend to operate on a more local level which probably explains why I've not heard of them. In a similar vein, I've been using bait from two northern bait makers, DNA Baits and Stickybaits for several years now. They were both mostly the preserve of us northern monkeys until fairly recently.

    Prior to their rise, I would tend to use the stuff that was generally available in the local tackle shops, Nashbait, Richworth, Mainline. Many of them, like Richworth and Mainline, have been around and familiar to me for years. The only one that I recall using regularly around twenty years ago, that I don't see in tackle shops any more, is Mistral. Their Rosehip Isotonic was something I used regularly. I don't recall seeing Mistral for a good ten years when I was surprised to find it being sold amongst the Fladen gear in my local branch of Boyes (for the benefit of those that have, understandably, never heard of it, it's a north eastern(ish) budget department store.) . They are still doing rosehip isotonic too. I thought that they'd vanished without trace. However, given the new outlet choice, it might be that they did go bust, or were bought out by whoever owns Fladen.

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Yes I just wish I could get a few bags of Spratts Silver Cloud.

    Those were the days eh M'Lord?

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Rod Hutchinsons 'Mingle Fruit' and 'Seafood Blend' was great for me in the early 80s for lots of different species

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Whizzo used to make some truly excellent groundbait for bream....Irish bag up, I think it was called. Great stuff.

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Some good points made on this, I still wonder though if the newer companies do have something new or if the older companies customers have the edge because of where they fish as well as what they use.

    Not everyone seeks sponsorship and fame, they just want to catch fish?

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Mothers pride, top baitmaker.

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Quote Originally Posted by BarryC View Post
    Mothers pride, top baitmaker.
    Very good

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    Default Re: Bait makers of Yore

    Duncan Kays slyme baits anyone??
    Gerry Savage hnv powders in a tub?

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