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    Ok, ok, it could be fair to say that I partake in my fair share of wind-ups and that as general rule of thumb Iím extremely thick skinned and laugh at life most of the time. Iíve been fishing some 26 years now and favour all species (especially the tench) and would love to think that in an ideal world, that if the anti-fishing campaigns kick-off, both the carp fishermen and the coarse fishermen will stand side by side.

    Unfortunately, there is a gap and thatís certainly not a good thing, there are enough people out there who believe there should be a divide between both sides.(pathetic really) and thereís those out there who disrespect fish of all species and treat them in a harmful manner. But itís certainly not the majority.

    If we are to support our fishing, then we need to stand together. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone is welcome to their views. However, this forum is viewed by many and comments such as ĎCarp should be exterminatedí is certainly not the message we want to be putting across.

    I would like to publicly put this banter straight with Mr. Ron Clay!

    Dear Ron, you are doing more harm than good with your continuous bad mouthing of carp and carp anglers. Newcomers to the sport are reading your comments and immediately viewing your so called divide as the norm. If you can sleep at night under the pretence of selling more copies of your ĎSheffield Angling Starí by ripping open a seriously damming and negative attitude towards newcomers then so be it. But does the trade off of selling more copies against supporting fishing sit comfortable with you?

    We need to unite our different styles of fishing for the times to come. Ron, keep your views to yourself and dialogues of this nature will not rise again. If you need a few extra quid to compensate for your loss of publication sales and just so you can sleep well at night, then give me a shout cos Iím loaded!

    Be brave Ron, stand out from the crowd and post to this thread, that you wonít damn our sport publicly on this forum. Point your threads and posts towards the upkeep and constructive support that our wonderful hobby deserves!

    Live and let live Ron and think about the damage you are causing! By far the majority within our sport stand together and look after one another, donít deliberately try to prize us apart for the sake of your own personal gain.

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    Wind-ups are fine, but what you have to be sure of is the wording and always to bear in mind that these posts could be read by the naive, the antis and the non-angling public.

    It is wise to avoid inflammatory words and phrases that can be used against us or misunderstood by those who would take away our sport.

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    Thanks for your support Graham, I couldn't agree with you more!

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    Dave Crisp Guest


    I did not put it in to 'Wind Up' I wanted to draw attention to the fact, that you can be enthusiastic about your sport, as you sat Graham, BUT, keep the politics and the rude personal comments off. I joined this site to read good comments from all fishermen that enjoy what THEY do.
    Chill out, a discussion is that, discuss, not slag off, if one does does not like what the other does, fine, but keep it in the discussion realms and not be SO personal. GET MY DRIFT! Again, I say , READ WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT ME, UNBELIEVABLE! The content is correct, but who has been rude today then, tut tut.
    I'm going fishing!

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Good luck then Dave...

    If you catch any tench or bream please look after them ! ! ! ! !

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Ron's opinions have been formed after a long and well-travelled career, so with respect I don't think we should be issuing him with ultimatums about what he can and can't say.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    but we'll issue ultimatums against others?

    What has Ron Clay got that is so special?

    As Dave Crisp has said, the personally abusive comments directed at him are a poor reflection on our intelligence to discuss with people who we disagree with.

    I still find it abhorrant that people would stand shoulder to shoulder against a new poster with a different point of view.
    Yet, not a murmer is made against mass exterminations of carp.

    Who is causing divisions within the sport?
    Who is widening the gap?

    So many unanswered questions, but no-one with the guts to face the real issues.
    If carp and carp anglers are the REAL issues with the posters on this board, then maybe it's time to move on.

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    Dave Crisp Guest


    How did this switch back to Mr Clay.
    I have not mentioned the gentleman at all!
    Too many out there 'Clay Shooting' methinks.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    We are leaving the realm of "wind up" behind now and moving into the realm of mind games......personaly i don't like it and i think it is bringing the whole aura of the site down, we have always been able to have a laugh in between the great fishing talk and there has been very little falling out, this is now becoming uncomfortable........thats my opinion.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    My point was let's not start singling people out and lecturing them on what they should or shouldn't say just because they don't share our own particular views.

    Unity starts with recognising the fact that an awful lot of ideas and opinions come under the big green umbrella of angling, and acknowleging there are issues not everyone agrees with.

    I think we've got enough on our plates already, without falling out with ourselves.

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