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Thread: Storing Mono

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    Default Storing Mono

    Does anybody else store their monofil in the fridge?

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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    I just keep mine in the dark and dry.
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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    Quote Originally Posted by chub_on_the_block View Post
    I just keep mine in the dark and dry.
    Same here.
    I tread the path where no one goes,
    and cast to fish nobody knows.

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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    Ditto............IMO a cool, dark cupboard/drawer in a heated building gives the best environment for storing mono.
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
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    binka Guest

    Default Re: Storing Mono

    Yep same again, mono's in a drawer in the garage.

    Fridges are for beer, maggots and casters

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    Yep, keep my mono in a spare fridge in my shed - always have. It might be a confidence thing, but it seems to work.

    Maggots on one shelf, and two tupperware boxes of spools on another shelf. Beer in the part at the bottom that some people keep vegetables in.

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    I keep mine in a cupboard in the house with the rest of the gear.

    It isnt too hot or cold, and is dry and dark.

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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    I still have one or two spools of heavier breaking strains of Maxima (12lb bs) that must be 7 years old and I used one recently. It had been stored in a dark cupboard, in a box, and in the warm and it was absolutely fine.
    It loaded okay and once it had been stretched a bit it did the job...I checked it as I loaded and couldn't find anything to suggest it was breaking down.

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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    Cool dark part of my garage works for me.

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    Default Re: Storing Mono

    There's very little danger of mono being refridgerated at any point in its life prior to me buying it. Therefore, there's no chance of me doing so after purchase.

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