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    Default Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    How would you describe yourself, a tackle tart, a tackle tramp or somewhere in the middle?

    I have a few really nice bits of kit, but I do get a lot of satisfaction in turning up at a venue with lower end kit and often catching as many (if not more) fish than the people there with expensive gear.

    I am in the firm belief that it is the angler that catches the fish, not the expensive gear. I understand that some of the expensive stuff is very nice to use, but at the end of the day it is the anglers skill in catching the fish that matters most.

    What do you think on this?

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    100% tart here.

    You are correct, the angler catches the fish. But my enjoyment is greater when I am using quality kit. I make no apology for that.

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    70% tart-but only on those bits of kit that have a direct bearing on the fishing (rods, reels, line, hooks etc) Things like luggage, nets etc. can be pretty well anything serviceable.

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    Yeah, I'm a practical tart, too. Function before form, but it helps if it looks nice an' all!

    Can't be bothered with all the "keeping up with the Joneses" rubbish. If I find the right piece of kit for the job then it doesn't matter how old it is or (to a point) what it looks like as long as it still performs.

    Edit - I was sitting along from a bloke last week who'd obviously spent a mortgage on his mountain of kit, fastened to what looked like an oil rig in both size and shape.
    We chatted amiably for a bit about this and that - like you do - and he then proceeded to regale me with the price and spec of all the hot new gear fanned about him - all bought from "The Best Shop In The Area" .
    After a bit, he realised my attention was waning, so he changed tack to ask which shop I used. Well, it's a friendly little place in a one horse town, so I told him so. He gave a snort of contemptuous amusement, turned away, and didn't speak to me again for the whole day. Not that it bothered me - the silence was a blessed relief - but lordy, what a ****!
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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    Cant afford to be a tart so make do with what i have
    Theres only me working at the minute with the little lad and another on the way so if i need anythi g new i save for a week and get it do t get me wrong its not cheep poo gear but not top end either and i still catch well and wnjoy what i do sa.e with my rifles with a bit of knkw how tbey run just as good as rifles 10 times mlre costly

    You really dont want me to open this can of whoopass

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    Smile Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    I would not call myself a tackle tart but I do derive a great deal of pleasure from using a piece of equipment that has been made using quality
    materials, a prime example being the luggage I bought many years ago made
    by the ENGLISH company AQUARIUS its still as good as the day I bought it
    despite all the hard work it has done over the years I am a firm believer in
    that you get what you pay for.
    tight lines

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    I would class myself as a bit of a tackle tart,but in the past i,ve had to struggle and use low-end gear,but sometimes i,m a bit trampy with my organisation...But i agree with you totally-it is the angler that catches the fish!!,Chef

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    Tackle tramp.

    Working on the theory that the only bit the fish is interested in is the bit on my hook.
    I'll buy whatever I need from wherever based on will it do the job, is it value for money, and finally, do I really need it.

    Prime example being the little tackle bag from Aldi. Stick a Fox, Korum etc badge on it and there'd be £30 added to the price and folks whittering on about what a great bit of gear it is.

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    A tackle tart, by definition, is someone who thinks more about the tackle, and its price, than what it's supposed to be used for and puts more store by brand-names than by function.

    Never heard of a tackle tramp but I have a mate who fishes with a rod that has the bottom 2 sections of painted bamboo and a green, solid fibreglass tip, an old Intrepid Deluxe reel with no bail-arm roller, he uses old porcupine, peacock and crow-quill floats and sits on a wicker basket and he is as happy as Larry just fishing!

    I fall into the vast majority of anglers who just buy the best they can afford and don't only buy stuff because it has a "name"

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    Default Re: Tackle tart or Tackle tramp?

    Just to add a bit more. On some types of rod, I actually prefer lower end gear.

    Lure rods are a good example. They might be heavier and thicker than a full carbon rod, but I actually prefer rods which are carbon composite. I just find the action is nicer, and being thrown about in the car doesn't seem to harm them as much.

    Then if they do get damaged, they are also cheaper to replace.

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