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Thread: Catfish baits ?

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    what are the best baits for catfish and do you need a wire trace when fishing for them

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    no wire trace needed mate but strong braided hooklink of about 40 to 50 pound is what i use in the uk. you need a good two feet of it too.i'd use 15 pound mainline and at least a three pound test rod.

    baitwise beef heart has caught me some good fish,worms fished poped up are exellent but the bait ive had most of my cats on is livebaits. i would check if the rules permit you to use them though. large 28mm pellets are a good bet too

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    Is this halibut pellets you are on about because i have some 25 ml halibut pellets

    also what size hook would be best

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    they are bang on,i'd fire some out close to a feature then fish three on a long hair.hook wise i'd use a size4 or a 2.

    checkout ian welch's feature i last weeks anglers mail.there is a cracking idea using pellets and squid

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    3 sounds like a lot of pellets to be putting on a hair why not just the 1

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    And why is the hooklenght stronger than the main line.

    this sounds unusal

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