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Thread: Rod tubes

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    Hi There
    Does anyone know whereabouts I can get hold of some long (2 metre+) postal tubes suitable for shipping some standard 12 ft pike rods.

    Thanks for your help

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    Find a carpet retailer. The tubes that form the centre of the roll are very solid cardboard and are often skipped. You should be able to get one for the price of asking nicely.
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    Aha - brilliant idea - thanks very much

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    Sam's right, I got some strong cardboard tubes from my local carpet dealer to send some 12ft two-piece rods.

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    Try your local tackle dealer. If you're a regular, they may be happy to give you some plastic tubes that would otherwise have been thrown out or sent for recycling. That's where all of mine come from these days (thanks, Keith, Heather, Jono and Dan!)

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