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    Hello everybody
    Supposed to be having an overnight stay on the trent this tuesday but a little worried bout all this there not a web site that gives the current water levels as i cant seem to find one.
    Thanks for any help guys and gals.

    Been looking forward to it when it started raining but now im concered its going a little over the top,excuse the pun!

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    go for it mate its should start running off gunna have a go in the morning

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    yeh thats what i was hoping aswell,i see it gives less rain monday-tuesday so should be good i was thinking.Nice to be out whatever the weather

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    just got bk mate there was about 7 foot extra in it.....the weir i fish was level!! i was useing a 5oz ground bate feeder in the edge had to find slack water to hold out......

    i didnt catch but my dad had 2 barbell to 6 pound...

    it had just started droping when we left about 8 inch or summert... take nice big leads and smelly bates with you and u should catch.

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    okey doke mate, Thanks for that. Looks like we might not be going now though as my mates mrs hasnt had her baby so he cant make it and i dont drive[img]/forum/smilies/sad_smiley.gif[/img]Told him to try help it on its way[img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]
    Looks like ill be going friday after work but ill have to get the train but im sure it will be worth it.ill make sure i dig the big ass leads out too

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    sounds good to me mate think were gunna have some more rain this week......but you aint gunna catch fish at home mate are you....

    r u still going over night?

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    yeh tuesday night is now back on, going around six tuesdaytil 10 o'clock wed. morning.
    i think i might have to nominate my mates mrs in the "who has the best wife" thread.
    I dont know many that would let anyone out when they are ready to drop any minute!
    Thank you Vikki!!
    I think ill still go friday afternoon as i have it off, its either that or decorating!

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    sounds good to me mate..where abouts you going? keep your eye on water lever if it starts raining

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    im not sure yet,i think will either be winthorpe or somewhere around collingham as these are stretches i know better and i think that will be important to know where to put a bait in these conditions.Going to be a long day at work tomorrow i know that much!

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    i know the feeling..... are you going 4 the tidal then i have fished collingham weir 4 times in peg 1 brillant......there is loads 2 go at in newark loads of good spots.

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