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Thread: Spooks

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I spent the weekend in London with my son. On Sunday morning we decided to visit the Tower of London. We got there early and were virtually first in the ticket queue.

    As a result we entered the Bloody Tower way ahead of all the other tourists. As I did so I experienced something dreadful. The noise of London stopped and a icy cold bast of air hit me as I stood in the main room opposite a reconstruction of Raleigh's bedchamber. I became terrified and stood stock still for a few seconds until Sean, my son caught up with me.

    I went outside and sat down. Sean told me I had turned white.

    Can't say much more but there was something in that dread place without a doubt. Sean told me I had turned white!!

    Although we have discussed this subject before, we now have lot's of new members to this website. Any of you had strange spooky experiences, especially whilst fishing?

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    Ron, I was in the Tower of London on Sunday around lunchtime, and I'm not kidding.

    I thought the smell of something ancient was Raleigh, but I know better now.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Now I know who that little guy with the very heavy rucksack was, I saw on Tower green later in the day.

    Did London lighten your wallet somewhat Graham?

    And I did take a shower Sunday morning you know.... ;o[

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    It lightened my missus's purse Ron. I forgot my wallet when we were packing.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    On purpose of course...

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    john conway Guest


    Something very frightening but not spooky. Some years ago while night fishing for sea trout in the Yorkshire Dales, I was climbing over a stile in the pitch dark and I stepped down onto the back of a sleeping cow. For the split second when it launched to it’s feet I thought it was some huge beast about to devour me. The only spooky thing I can remember is when I was a young lad I’d been left at home for a few days on my own. One of the mornings I was awakened by someone shaking my feet and telling me to get up. It’s wasn’t until I was up and dressed and realised that there was no one else in the house, it was then that I got really frighten. I never told anyone because I didn’t want to be seen as a sissy and believe me the remaining nights were spent with the lights on.

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    Many years ago when i used to have a motor bike I went fishing somewhere in Norfork/ cambridgeshire (forgotten where). This road run the lenght of a large drain. It was early morning nad it was very sunny but the drain was still covered by a thick veil of mist. As i started to ride along this road, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a huge black horse with a huge man riding it carrying a sword raised above his head. I paniced and roared down the road but they easily kept up with me.I was terrified! I thought there was no way I was going to advoid this so stopped the bike. I could still see this black horse out of the corner of my eye and the man stood up and started to swing his sword. I closed my eye... nothing happen!!! I open my eyes and turn to look at them as they were still there only to realised it was the sun casting my bike myself and my rod holdall shadow on the mist and my bloody imagination doing the rest!! Sorry not the real thing but it surprizing how much imagination can do to innocent situation!

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Ok, serious stuff now for once. I've fished at a few places where there has supposedly been a phantom of some sorts. The old miner with the Davy Lamp wandering around or some other strange person moving up and down the swims. I've never ever seen anything though when fishing. On the other hand I have seen strange things when I have been working at various places. Bank's brewery in W'ton. No I had not had a drink before I start. I saw a workman go around a corner that was a dead end. He disappeared. Gone. Honestly nowhere to go. My wife and I have seen what we think was a ghost in Conway - an old woman who was just totally out of place. I could go on as there are many things like this that have happened to me but there is not the room here. Try this site:


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    Paul Williams Guest


    That was just Nev Fickling trying to warn you off one of his hotspots!!
    Graham and Ron,
    You both ought to be locked up in the tower!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I have been in a great many situations at all the "witching" hours during my life and seen nothing that couldn't be explained......why are some people more suseptible at "seeing" than others?........only once have i had to leave a water because i felt i may need a change of underpants, that was Kier pool Nr Tenbury and to this day i don't really know why.....other than i knew the tales related to the water and when alone in that situation the mind can go wild!

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