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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Kev I thought barbel were born bigger than that... did it get mugged by your maggots ?

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    If I had a pole I wouldn't need the bridge; I could vault across!!!

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    A very enjoyable late afternoon/early evening session on the lake. The grounds are closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays so it was just me and a cacophony of birdsong, the crows winning on the decibel count as usual.

    As with recent trips I fished the whip in the margin next to a small reed bank and had skimmers from the very first drop in. The bites dried up for a while which isn't a bad thing, the greedy little skimmers moving away allowing the more welcome guests to arrive. A nice arrival it was too with a few of the best roach I've had at the lake since joining, a few nudging the pound mark, thought I had a smaller one on and was delighted to see a flash of gold before surfacing, only my second cru from the lake.

    Looks like he's already had a close shave looking at some damaged scales.

    How did you get on?-image.jpg

    Meat and corn seem to be the only bait you need for the majority of the fishing here, thought I'd try some bread flake, instant success with the first of three tench giving the elastic a nice work out.

    How did you get on?-image.jpg

    Been an alright day with an AAA scan at the doctors this morning and learning I have a normal and healthy aorta.
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    I finally had the chance to try my new feeder rod out tonight for a couple of hours. So I headed down to a pond of my club, absolutely no one on it when I rocked up at 6pm.

    I had already set it up with a small method feeder and was using a banded 6mm red pellet with micros. Initially I cast and was fishing 2 foot from the far bank and could see plenty of movement within the reeds but after a couple of early indications I had nothing after 45 mins.

    I decided to come into the open water and was now about 8 foot off the bank and within 2 minutes the tip bent round and had a nice crucian on the end of it. Probably getting on for a pound.

    How did you get on?-a2971bb3-77e8-4320-98f1-c8cb8a4cfc4a.jpg

    Instantly I recast to the same spot and had another crucian on the end but just as it was heading for the net the hook popped out.

    With plenty of movement still going on I retried my earlier spot and within 5 mins I had my best tench to date pulling me around for a minute or so. At a guess was a good pound and a half.

    How did you get on?-3fb733e2-2c91-44ac-9abf-58f95762b232.jpg

    Had a couple more casts but barring a couple of small movements that was it. So packed up and headed home. Hopefully with the better weather will be out again next week after work.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Fished Rixton Clay Pits last Friday and yesterday, same spot:

    How did you get on?-rixton_toppeg_20180511_115812_xsml.jpg

    It looks quite big but what you're seeing is about a 1/4 of the pit/lake. The trees to the right are an island that stretches almost from one side to the other though there maybe a gap in the middle, it's hard to tell with all the trees.

    Friday: Arrived about 6:30AM. Usual set up for me. Glow Tip waggler, 5bb in this case so I can get the distance if I need to. I'm in 50" of water so a nice depth for the waggler. There are odd slightly deeper and shallower spots on Rixton but it doesn't vary a great deal. Probably 3'6" on average. There were bubbles coming up so it looked like fish were feeding and it stayed that way all day. Could I catch them, could I hell Picking up Roach from the off but missing quite a few bites until I shallowed up. I'd been fishing with about 4" on the bottom. Pulled the float down so the bait was probably grazing the bottom to just laying on and started to hit bites easier, and a better stamp of Roach, fishing maggot. Kept trying other baits, dead maggots, corn, meat, casters, puch, loose feeding hemp, maggots and casters but just couldn't get the big boys interested. Probably had 15 to twenty Roach throught the day with 4 or five being around 5oz and one Perch of probably around 4oz.

    Not a good idea really but after watching it make four or five attempts to get up onto the peg I felt sorry for it and I let this little chap fill his belly:
    How did you get on?-rixton_gosling_20180511_163532_xsml.jpg

    A bit sad really as on Friday there were 4 goslings (Canada Geese), by Tuesday there were only 2. There was a swan giving them some grief on Tuesday so it may well be the guilty party. There are lots of Pike in Rixton so that's another possibility. Mum and Dad were close by but didn't give me any problems. The occasional low level hiss but nothing too aggressive.

    Tuesday: Back to the same spot but armed with some hookable pellets, presuming wrightly or wrongly that they were hoovering up the Carp boys leftovers. Well, if they'd been there I might have got to find out. Murphy's law being what it is, virtually no evidence of bigger fish feeding all day. Had a good day all the same. chasing them up and down in the water. Probably 20:25 in total, maybe more. One Rudd a couple of small Perch the rest being Roach and one close encounter with a small jack narrowly missing my catch.

    How did you get on?-rixton_roach_20180515_081259_xsml.jpg

    Happy days

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Back on our fishery again today, eleven o clock start as mick had a medical appointment again, anyway we thought it might be worth stopping later to see if the carp were coming into the margins later on.
    Decided on a couple of swims back on the water with the better fish in, not an easy one but if you catch a fish it’s usually a good one, decided to rake the swim and see if it attracted the tench, the bottom was smooth silt with no branches or twigs, which have been a nuisance in other swims.

    Fishing a small method feeder on my tip rod, with soaked pellets and either worm or corn on the hook, and cast another one on the sleeper to a bloodworms patch further out, slow start then started catching a few bream.
    Attachment 4717
    The fish seemed to be moving about a lot, would catch a few then it would go quiet , with a no groundbait rule it can be hard to keep the fish in the swim, did put some hemp and pellets in, but only small amounts as per the rules.
    This was one of of the better ones, to big to get all of it in the photo at arms length.
    Attachment 4718
    During a quiet spell I reeled in and went to see how mick was catching, same for him, very patchy just bream, and nothing else, so went back to my swim and started fishing again, and had my sandwiches, earlier when we walked round I’d noticed some carp on the top at the other side of the island, so I took my floater rod out of the hold-all, glued a dog biscuit on and had a walk round, had a couple have a look but didn’t take, threw some freebies in and watched, one came up and started taking these so I cast in front of it and waited, it worked it’s way to the bait and took it first time, gave me a heck of a scrap, as it kept trying to get under some branches that had drooped in to the water, finally got it in the net and I tried my new self take kit out, the bulb release under the knee makes it a lot easier.
    Attachment 4719
    It weighed ten pound and ten ounces, did have one a lot bigger taking the free biscuits but it didn’t want the one with a hook in.
    So I went back to my swim and started again had more bream for a while, then it went quiet, after an hour with no bites and no sign of carp in the margins, we decided to call it a day, no tench yet, back on Thursday,

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by john step View Post
    You are not much further north than me. The fishing around here has been hit and miss. Although the days have been warm there have been cold nights .
    Anyway 4 pints of casters and 3 pints of maggots. You won the lottery??
    I would agree with you saying cold nights, the thing that makes me go against that is the fact that there has been loads of bites to be had right through the winter. Match weights have been steady.
    I don't expect to be able to emulate any able bodied angler but I know my efforts are below par for me.

    No John not won any lottery, I may be would have a chance if I played one though.
    4 pint of caster costs less than a kilo of worm. Casters £3.20 a pint, maggot £2. Cheap enough when I get two sessions from my 4 pint casters, only through not feeding correctly I must admit. Tomorrow it's 3 tins of spam 3mm and 6mm cubes, 3 quid will cover that plus 4 quid for a bag of GB.

    It's not as though I spend money on fags or go out boozing, I even have less at home now

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Bury Hill with the Big Feller today for another session after the crucian.

    Flippin chilly to start with and though Phil had a crucian second chuck I was biteless for a good 45 minutes and it was well over an hour before I felt I had any decent fish in front of me. Up to that point I had endured a run of lightning fast missed bites which usually means little scriber roach but I kept feeding hoping the crucian would eventually move in or wake up. I think maybe they, like me, needed to warm up a bit first.

    Anyway....eventually the bites changed from the lightning fast roach dabs to the more typical crucian dithering about and I started to pick up the odd fish. Phil next door had charged ahead of me but I slowly caught him up as the morning progressed. Ray Roberts turned up and we had a good chat before he set off for the far side of the lake.

    It turned out to be a funny old session. The fish seemed to drift in and out and you'd get 2-3 fish then go biteless for 20 minutes or so. Phil had more variety than me,backing up the crucian with 3-4 proper tench, a few of the little bars of soap tench that were recently stocked,3 or 4 nice roach and a few rudd plus loads of small perch. All I could catch were crucians....which I'm perfectly fine with but its very odd not to get a few tench too. I did hook a couple of tench [ and had 3 of the little ones] but pulled out. I also frustratingly lost a few crucian which I rarely do. I've no idea why. Other than that a few small perch and any number of missed bites.

    By 1pm and a very welcome bacon roll from the mobile tea lady the wind had strengthened and it was really quite chilly. We both found ourselves having to wait longer and longer and work harder and harder to get bites. I had a couple more bursts of fish...Phil lost a big roach [he was not happy] before we decided to call it a day around 2-30 to try to get home before the M25 kicked off again. TBH I'd had enough.....6 hours sat on a box like a little gnome is quite enough for me nowadays.

    Phil probably had more fish than me,certainly more variety but I was more than happy with my 18-20 crucian with the best 3 weighed at 1-10,1-12 and dead on 2lb. I'd certainly have taken that when I was struggling for bites at around 9 am. Most on single red maggot [as usual] but I did try some Dynamite 4mm flavoured pellets and they worked too....and produced my two biggest fish.

    A challenging but ultimately quite satisfying session. I just love crucians and catching them on light tackle on the pole is so much more enjoyable than slinging method feeders around.
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Nice day on my syndicate reservoir. I had 2 tench. 5 goodly roach and lots of rudd. I had to take a photo of the rudd as the colours are fantastic.

    I had 2 carp on my tenching rod. Believe it or not the biggest at 18lb plus was on a single PLASTIC maggot. That took time to land. Lucky the weed hasn't grown yet.

    Attachment 4721Attachment 4722[ATTACH=CONFIG]4721[/ATTACHAttachment 4723

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Well now .

    Had a day down the club pool today and and and .

    It was one of the best days fishing i have had for way too long to remember ,
    A dozen Tench no monsters but all in the 3 to 4.5lb region and fighting fit 7 nice Crucians probably the best just making 2.25lb
    a Bucket full of roach from 4 5 oz to almost 1lb and 1 lone Perch that was the real surprise normally perch go bannans there but not today

    So quite happy with the day .

    Oh and the one i forget hooked something of a good size what i dont know tench carp koi but 10lb mainline snapped like cotton

    PG ...
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    Theres no dark side of the moon really as a matter of fact its all dark

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