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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by s63 View Post
    I had planned to spend the day on the river yesterday but when receiving a text in the morning with the dreadful news of Graham’s passing I really didn’t have the stomach for it. As it happens the heavens opened up and it rained all day, a very dark day indeed.

    Had to get out today and a complete reverse of the weather found me sitting by the river on a cool but sunny morning.

    Trotting with maggots (proper fishing), roach were the target but failed to show with a hour gone but then slowly they started feeding in spasmodic spells with one or two requiring the net.

    This photo is reminiscent of a pose another member use to favour.

    Hard work over the next few hours but managed to put together a few roach, chublets and a lone perch. At last knockings I hooked something big, maybe a carp but it shed the hook after a few moments of some nice rod bending.

    I was treated to an aerial dogfight between a crow and two gulls, they flew overhead and disappeared behind me, I have a feeling the Crow had the last word.
    Looks a cracking swim nice views, plus a decent bag of quality Roach, well done mate.


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    I returned to the Dorset Stour in midweek for a late afternoon into evening session confident that the chub wouldn't show up until well into dusk but hopeful of a few roach until that time came.

    I trotted bread punch, disc or flake under a dumpy pellet waggler for the first couple of hours and found a lot of small roach several of which attracted a couple of small pike on the retrieve. Nearly had one of those pike in the net because it just wouldn't let go.

    But in amongst all that I also had two proper roach of 1:08 and 1:10 one of which showed signs of pike damage.

    How did you get on?-20181106_144543-600-x-450-.jpg

    How did you get on?-20181106_144702-600-x-450-.jpg

    The first chub turned up at well after 4pm and then I lost another. That was enough for me to switch to feeding maggot with a couple of reds on a #18. As the light faded they switched on and I had quite a few, mostly around 5lbs.

    How did you get on?-img_7977-600-x-450-.jpg

    I came with a plan to fish on into the proper darkness but not with my normal switch to a static method. An amusing concoction of a starlight stuck to the float tip. I'd tried this before sometime ago and had a couple but this time it really worked. I had a procession of decent chub for the next couple of hours but made a schoolboy error by forgetting my head torch which made baiting up and netting a bit of a challenge.

    I eventually left them to it mainly because a couple of swans gave me a close up fly-by and I was very cold (I was wading).

    Might try it again but was happy to prove a point to myself and the audience of two barracking mates on the opposite bank!

    How did you get on?-img_7984-600-x-450-.jpg

    How did you get on?-img_7978-600-x-450-.jpg

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    That first photo is stunning Neil, as is the roach.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    My winter roach and bream places are out of order these days, with net bans due to nearby KHV problems. I'm hoping they'll soon be lifted now the water has cooled. In the meantime, I'm stuck for likely stillwaters, so at lunchtime I went back to the "new" one I tried a couple of weeks ago.

    It's a pretty place, with islands galore, trees everywhere, and a good stock of mixed fish - so I'm told.

    How did you get on?-fos1.jpg

    Hoping to catch roach, I set up with one swim fed with caster, the other with pinkie and maggot. I had a roach on double pinkie first cast, and thought that was a good omen

    How did you get on?-fos2.jpg

    But it wasn't! An hour and a half later, despite messing about with feed, shot, hooks and line, I still had had one bite. Quite frustrating, as it was a lovely, mild day, colour in the water........ if you can't catch in these conditions....

    It's a short day these days, so you can't wait forever for them to come on. I resorted to underhand methods. Back to the car for some micro pellets and a tub of weird bait, well past its sell-by date, that looked like coloured, fruit flavoured Tic-tacs (remember those?). I set up a short quiver-tip rod with a small 25g hybrid feeder (forgive me, god), put my glasses on and eventually tied up a 4" hooklength with a bait band. I was prepared to do whatever it took to avoid going home having caught one roach. With all this assembled, I put on a Tic-tac, loaded up the dampened micros and lobbed it to what I judged ( and what do I know) to be the most carpy bit of the island-studded vista in front of me.

    5 minutes later, something tried to pull the rod in, and the first of 8 carp and 4 F1's saved the day from oblivion.

    How did you get on?-fos-3.jpg

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Possibly the last of the dry, sunny and mild weather we’ve been enjoying in the SE lately today, so I was keen to make the most of it.
    Add to that a burning desire to try out my new acquisition, a Normark microlight 12’ float rod.
    Decided to try a much discussed spot I’d never tried, the infamous ‘ back of B and Q’s’ in Hemel.

    Many a match has been won from this bend on the GUC. The water was a bit clear and a bit of a floating leaf trap. Light waggler, 2lb line and a 22 b511 to 0:06 was my opening gambit. Didn’t seem to matter whether it was double squatt, single maggot or caster, chublets were on it like a shot.
    These were followed by the perch and a few better roach.
    Sent a text to Rob, the artist, who lives nearby and within the hour he arrived with his gear..

    We both had problems with the leaves but both caught a few. Robs slightly unconventional stick float approach worked a treat and he well and truly battered me, landing a big skimmer, a perch around a pound and various roach and hybrids.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    How did you get on?-7160ca8c-3a89-4753-9fe8-86a7550be08d.jpg
    On my own again today, so early start I was there at sunrise, mild with a light southerly breeze.tried a different pond today for a change, set my pole up, and prepared six mm expander pellets, opened a tin of corn, also had some dendros, and bread.

    Also put my greys prodigy barbel up with a pin as a sleeper in the margin, for the carp later,started catching roach on the expanders some nice ones as well, this was the biggest.
    How did you get on?-e6d3865c-6a85-45d4-8191-7df9c02d0690.jpg
    Also had this chub.
    How did you get on?-de8c4eaf-866f-4cd3-8e46-25508187d525.jpg
    And after a lot of swirls and seeing carp in the margin I managed this one, eight and a half pounds and gave me a good scrap too,like playing them on the pin, feels more direct somehow.
    How did you get on?-dca4615d-a79c-4b93-940a-639e47f706c7.jpg
    Also had a couple of Rudd, a small perch, and a few skimmers, grand total of thirty three silvers and one carp.
    Also had a eurofighter flying round for a while, a robin was with me most of the day, and saw a kingfisher catch a small fish, lots of fieldfares about too. A good day enjoyed it.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Been today,I'd organised to meet a mate on a shallow lake with a good head of tench,bream and odd decent carp,had a text from him before I was going to leave home,the fishery has closed for four months,well that buttered it and I ended up in the deep club lake I'd fished through the summer,well the small roach are still feeding so I ended with 53 roach between 2.5ozs and 10ozs,having like bothering the shoal at times,during a quiet spell I had a bite and found myself attached to a good fish,which at first I thought was a tench,it three out to be a like(which was pike when my tablet corrected it ) around 10-12lbs....
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Seth, that's no roach bud, it's a heinz 57 .

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Back at Dunham and on my own. Just as well. Wouldn't have wanted anyone watching. Arrived 7:30 and it's cold but tolerable. Fishing an 18s to 2lb loose feeding just a few maggots and caster and get a skimmer on maggot around 8:45 which considering how cold it was looked like being not too bad a start. Lots of leaves which were a bit of a pain but manage top get a couple of more skimmers by midday. Get hooked into something a bit bigger, probably large skimmer and it threw the hook, the first of five altogether two of which were probably Carp of one sort or another. Then did my impression of a fly fisher striking into thin air and decorating the trees behind me getting the main line caught on the back of my coat in the process, line everywhere I couldn't get at. I think I lost more fish to hook pulls and missed more bites than I've done all year. Still, better than being at home.

    Attachment 5953

    Bits and pieces the rest of the day, 11 in all including 2 Gudgeon some more skimmers and whatever this is.

    Attachment 5955

    and saving the day at around 3:30 at around 4 1/2lb

    Attachment 5956

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    In the dead of night, in the middle of nowhere and on the last cast. How did you get on?-20181108_195332.jpg

    Apparently he didnt read the rule book and happily munched my 9 inch roach on double size 6 trebles.

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